How to find people to kill?

im solo. whats a good way to find people to kill in low-nullsec? im also new to pvp

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Faction warfare areas have complexes you can go into and most of them are gated to allow certain ships in, many times there will be 1 person or no one in there, you can use the novice complexes and a T1 or faction frigate as that is all thats allowed in there, larger complexes allow larger ships. Its one of the easier ways to get a fight, you will get blobbed sometimes but you will get more 1v1 fights in FW then prolly anywhere else in the game.

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I’ve noticed that a lot of the Thera wormholes in nullsec tend to be about 10ish jumps from some fairly high-traffic areas. Use for a list of those wormholes and fly around those systems, and you’ll probably find folks.


How about you want to make ships explode, not kill people.

If people would talk different, they would even start to think different and the world could become a better place.


I want to kill people and scoop their corpse to add it to my collection of frozen corpses of people I have killed.

I don’t often go solo hunting, but the few times I did I had a target profile in mind and chose my ship and fit for that purpose.

My first solo kill was an interceptor explorer, a guy who cherry picked sites in our space and I really wanted dead, which meant I needed a bomber with rockets in a site to be able to catch him quick enough before he warped off again.

More recently I went out to kill ratting Ishtars that I noticed while exploring: they were warping to safe spots whenever hostiles (me) came into system, so I knew I could use that by bringing a cloaky combat probing T3C. A bit overkill: I knew the damage type of the rats in the area so I could choose my own damage type and resist type to completely counter the Ishtars.

If you want to find people to kill, I recommend you first fly around in something quick to see where people are and what they are doing. A shuttle, exploration frigate or something like that to scout the area.
Use your dscan and local chat window, try to find people and see what they are doing. Think of ways you could engage and kill them. And then come up with a ship+fit that can do so, go back to get that ship and see if you find someone that fits your target profile.

That’s how I would do it.

Others may just grab a combat ship and start flying around until they see something they can engage. That also works. :smiley:


because… it would prob kill them in the wallet if they had the right ship

Go to fliet or Tama. Almost always people there to fight.

That’s a bit over kill if you’re looking for a fight.

Just grab a kestrel head out to fw 70% of what you find in novice or small plexs can be engaged. Worst case you lose 4-10m and learned something that can’t be engaged at least in the way you just tried.

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“If you want to get anywhere in New Eden, you will need a much better plan than this. Why do you want to kill? What do you hope to gain? Without these questions being answered, you will only lose. Perhaps you want to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, to make them scared to whisper your name. How do you best achieve this? By rabidly looking around for your next target? Think again about what kind of legacy you want to leave in New Eden.”

Yeah, no all you need is the goal of “I want to shoot ■■■■” then undock in a frig and head to tama

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Craigslist :smiling_imp:

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Preparation is everything in this game. Yoloing this will only waste your time, teach you nothing and pad other players’ killboards.

1 google the Novice frigates yearbook and read the document
2 pay attention to favorable frigate match-ups and pick some frigates to look into
3 look for top players on zkill with lots of fights and few losses and then examine the fits on their lost frigates
4 copy some good fits
5 make an alt character (for faction warfare)
6 do some other activity, while you train the skills on your FW-alt for your chosen fits, including support skills, as high as you can
7 join FW
8 go to low sec, but NOT to Tama
9 look up manual flight manoeuvres and pay close attention to spiralling
10 pick your fights based on the yearbook and just dock up when a Garmur arrives in local
11 now you have enough theoretical background and sufficient stats, that you may learn from your mistakes during practice and maybe even win a couple near-symmetrical matchups
12 keep on practicing

Don’t make it easy on us.

What is your knowledge lvl around PvP mechanics, piloting skills ?

You just made my hit list.

If you fly something cheap and engageable, fights should come to you. You can use dotlan ( to find systems with lots of fights.

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Fly around lowsec in a blinky ship, it will be glorious.


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go to lowsec on nullsec. fit a pvp ship. visit pve sites and fing pilots. do your fights there. stay out of highsec!

Or you could send him after Goonswarm and give him ships till he stops blowing up all the time.
Don’t blow it!

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learn to read @bluelysian knowledge lvl of pvp mechanics is probably very little… plus this was started a month ago, so by now, probably has a decent grip of pvp mechanics.

Yes i am asking because “I Read “ and also i have checked his zkboard… did you ? You should .
I dont assume , i ask.
“ probably “ is enough for you, not for me .

I did also consider he might created new character , either quit… I am just checking because :

Yes… A month… Now. … people i trained hit over 100 killmails in one month. With a lot of solo kills…

They do recoginise the the flying style of the ship by looking at the ships fit…

they can tell me that fits engagement profile…

They will not have enough knowledge yet to make any optimised fit but …

they are already begin to pounder with ideas and begin to understand the chemistry of the modules how they interact …

They already begin to practice some manuel piloting skills ,
they can slingshot lineer easily and they beginto get grip on orbital

Also yes i am asking… because there are pilots out there… my proteges, when i see someone enthusiastici just check out …

If the interest is genuine, regardless which corp which age , whatever… none of my business …
I can pitch this person one of my proteges who is perfectly aware about the traning progress… Volunteer to help, sharing the passion , i do provide ships and finance everything …even they can do that too… and i can guide,
We had a new pilot just yeastrday , and from forums.

And no i dont even play anymore… but still i do contribute to this community…

So you can teach me how to read instead of telling me just learn to read

Thank you