Where to have a balanced PvP?

Hi, I’m a fairly new player who has been enjoying the game a lot. However, I’ve always wanted to try PvP.
I’ve been killed while exploring and mining some times before, but I’ve experienced the fun of killing someone before. I really want to have a fair PvP match with another player - I don’t care whether I win or lose (I will probably lose since I’m new), I just want to have some fun.

However, I’ve been having trouble finding an opponent to fight with. The only way I know how to PvP is through Faction Warfare complexes, and I don’t want to enlist in FW. How else am I supposed to fight against other players?

I’ve heard about using combat probes, gatecamping, and many other ways to do it, but can someone please tell me an easy, straightforward way for me to fight with other capsuleers? I know this a stupid question, but since I’m new I don’t know these things.


(By the way, if you recommend a way to find opponents, please add a tutorial (video / text) that I can reference. Thank you!)

Start shooting them.


Go to Tama.

Announce in local that you want to solo pvp. I’m sure someone will take you up on that offer.

Or come to Hevrice, and ask me. I’ll solo you in frigate pvp.

I’ve been having trouble finding opponents in lowsec. I camped at a stargate for 20 mins, but all the people all managed to warp away before I could warp disrupt them.

Honestly, I get it. When I was new, I was very frustrated - if someone warped toward me, I could see they had a bigger ship and a bigger fleet, so I’d warp away. If I warped toward someone, they would warp away. The reality is people don’t want to lose a fight, and a fair fight is often seen as risky.

I find camping is bad content, you are just sitting and waiting and eventually you will be the target. People on gates can be hard to catch, unless they want to be caught.

I recommend you start hunting miners, explorers, people in mission site pockets… You might not think it’s a fair fight, but you will learn a lot if you stop trying to fight fair. If you start killing people who don’t want to fight - don’t worry, someone will try to fight you.


Yes, I think I’ll try hunting down miners and explorers. It sounds pretty fun.

Join the ingame channel: Why Was I Ganked?

That’s where people talk about that sort of thing.

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Thank you.


your title is misleading
Eve brings open pvp, and it is a paper/scissor/stone game. So there is no “BALANCED” pvp, except by mutual agreement between two players. No instanced pvp with fixed numbers and mirror classes.

If pvp (unbalanced) is what you are searching for, it will take time, but you will eventually find plenty of pvp.
If balanced pvp is what you want, you should focus on other games

A good way to cut your teeth on PvP where you’ll probably win 87.5% of the time and help you to build confidence is by cloaky camping. It pairs well with doing the dishes, watching netflix and sleeping.

Wormhole space can give you a leg up on it! Our 7-part Deputy Training video series will get you ON TARGET with the basics of cloaky camping wormhole space!

I would suggest reading this before any attempt to pvp.
The Art of War - Wikipedia

As it has been said countless times, if you find yourself in a fair fight, you made a mistake. I haven’t tried the arenas myself, but from what I read, those are not fair for the most part either. A duel maybe one answer but don’t count on it.

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PvP in EvE is more about intelligence gathering, assessment and weighing the probabilities of outcomes before engaging in the fight.

There is a fair amount of psychology as well. Of course I’m coming from a solo pvp pov.

But I would gather that fleet engagements have quite a bit of intel gathering, assessments and whatnot as well. Not sure about the psychology part.

Don’t give up on it.

Also, know this. Losing in PvP has no bearing or impact on you as a person. The person behind the keyboard. Just because you loose a fight, doesn’t mean you are a loser in RL. The only time one really looses in EvE is if they don’t stop, take a moment to learn from the engagement.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but I’ve found the most supportive and encouraging pvp oriented community, to be the low sec scum sucking pirates.
(It seems high seccers take their losses too seriously, and null seccers, their wins too seriously. Not sure about the WH folks. They are an odd bunch.)

My guess is that we tend not to take the game, or ourselves too seriously. We win some, we loose some, but it’s about the thrill of the hunt.

Don’t loose heart.

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Abyssal Proving Grounds and duels are pretty much the only ways I’ve consistently found balanced PvP.

I agree with the other posters that balanced PvP isn’t always the goal, but it is fun sometimes.

Faction warfare is the perfect place, you get lots of 1v1 frig fights but also get blobbed depends on luck :]

O ffs 3months guess I just necro’ed this thing… Feel free to close it isd

I decided to join Caldari in Faction Warfare and it’s been a lot of fun. Trying to train into cruisers so I can capture medium outposts now.

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