What is the best way to find a target

Hi guys,

I spent quite a few hours recently roaming solo I’m LS and Null not being able to find a single foe to lock my weapons on.

I would like to hear about your tactics when it comes to solo roaming. How to you manage to find prey. What are the best places to look for. That kind of things.

Thanks a lot in advance geeks!

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Thats why you take underestemated frigate and go to FW, where it is hot. Dotlan will help you. Sit in novice plex in maulus navy issue somewhere around Nennamaila is almost certain death in 15 minutes, even if you are picky at taking fights.


or scan down a low class wh in high sec and scan the sites there. sit cloaked and wait for explorers


You can use dotlan in nullsec regions and look for npc kill delta, if its + that means there is more ratting this hour than last, then you know if there is a vexor navy busy running anom’s.

They love haven’s the most for some reason, followed by forsaken hub and sanctum. Bring a strong ship as 100mn vexor’s can’t be scram’ed. So if you keep your mwd on to chase them, it sky rockets your sig making it easy for they’re drones to tear you apart.

If you want a lot of kills you can go diving, spend some time scanning wormhole’s and book mark a bunch of null holes go through them book mark each side and take note of where they go, wormholes are amazing as they let you get behind eye’s as people usual put their eye’s on a funnel.

If you want to be even more fancy use an scanny alt and go to the drifter wormhole’s and scan all those sig’s, they will provide you a lot of pvp content with lots of wormholes to nullsec all over about 3-6 null holes per drifter hole. This method has gotten us the most fight’s, as most people don’t even know what a drifter worm hole is and have never bothered to look inside.

Just make sure cloak your scout alt as the drifter BS’s have a 2 second lock time wait for them to go into the hole before it’s usually only a 5-10 minute wait before they jump into their hole then its safe to go through.

What ever you do, do not roam as it usually ends up being 3-4 hours with very few kill’s, warp speeds are way to low to do it.

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Thanks for the replies!

I really do not use dotlan enough. There’s quite a lot of info on there and I find it quite difficult to filter what’s useful and what’s not for the kind of content I am looking for.

Do you know of any good tutorial on how to use dotlan for hunting/roaming on YouTube or anywhere else?

Yeah and be prepared to wait 8 hours for a T1 frigate to show up or go through every wh on a rat run and find theirs no relic sites or data sites for you to sit at. Spent 2 days doing it for 2 kills.

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its straight forward, everything with + means people are ratting there now: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/map/Delve#npc_delta

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What kind of solo roaming you have? Tactics much difer with different ships. Solo explorer do not afraid t1 solo explorer with t1 probes. And they run to you instead running away. Also caracal don’t afraid of thrashers. But using Kikimora will be a bad idea. It is not so engageble . First we need to understand who can be target of your ship. Then, what kind activity thay can do. And how to catch them on it. Also in-game map has a little bit more features then Dotlan. It realy helps to make rout for good roam.

I mostly try to roam in a Stratos and in a wolf depending on how fast I want to be. I’ve been told that both of them are tough enough to get ratters in null but it’s been quite difficult to catch them. They warp way faster than I am able to find them.

Since the start of the thread I started using dotlan more and I am able to find systems with potential prey. Unfortunately I still am unable to catch any fish.

In clime space Aly have intel channel. And they know you are coming while 2 jumps left. Try roam npc space or base you roam on wh. Stratios is good for it. Wolf is good for roaming sansha and blood raiders space, but you should know goons can drop titan for rifter. So try. Or bring bubble with you. And catch some traveling stuff. Like this https://zkillboard.com/kill/74516431/

Try using passive targeting system" forgot the module name" it grants you ability to lock on them without giving them a warning while you do so. Also wait till they aproach the hacking spot, so they will get distracted with the mini game .

Thanks for all the ideas guys I will try to inspire myself with that and keep you posted about my progress.

lol wut??

in nullsec? where they warp as soon as a neut even enters system??


No , it’s more effective on wh

Another idea is to behave like you are new to EVE and have no clue, like entering a system and then turning back to the gate but slowboating and then turning back again because you click the wrong gate to where you wanted to go.

And of course looking like easy prey, while being in control the entire time.

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ye one of my guys was flying a really cheap thorax, odd fit but he used to get some nice kill acting stupid, warping everywhere ‘for no reason’ and just sitting where he came through at gates or on station like he’s afk.

He got some nice kills though mostly tackle etc.

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Sit in Low or Null sec in a carrier and someone will show up eventually.

Vnis like haven’t because Haven have a chance to escalate to 10/10. The bookmark to a 10/10 can be sold for 100million isk or ran for potentially more.

You just need to keep jumping from system to system.

Jump into system, dscan, vni on dscan? Warp to a Haven within 14.3au. vni not on scan? Warp to a Haven farther than 14.3au.

Eventually you’ll land on one.

not havens, havens and sanctums = caps or rattlers.

VNI is usually forsaken rally point

I can never bloody remember the drone ones, herd i think…

Vnis aren’t afraid to do havens. Often to the caps dismay.