Solo PvP wannabe - interceptor (?) roaming

Ok, so I am PvE player who want to lern how to Pvp.Simple as that:confounded:
So far I went to LS and NS with some corp but I never actually took fleets and group pvp sessions because of my hearing problems( can’t use ts) and have always find excuse not to go…so I really am terrible pvp-er lol.
Now,after so many hours of burners ,l4s and Industry in HS I would really like to try lowsec/nullsec roaming again but in interceptor and find some easy targets just to brave my self up and (through many loses which I will certainly have) learn pvp/space mechanics.

Why interceptor?
ISK is no issue at all and interceptor can save me from some gate campers and I will fell more confident in roaming ( at least i believe so),I just don’t know what are combat abilities of that ship like can I engage other frigs and dessies for example or even cruisers 1on1 ?

If interceptor is not so good choice can someone please give me some point in right direction in:
1.) which ship to use including maybe ass frigs/pirate frigs later on- everything but missile ships,except If I really need cloak then I am open to any suggestion.
2.)which tactics to apply - I thought to just jump to low and null and hunt some players in combat sites that appear on ship scanner.

I want to point that I don’t want to do FW although I know I maybe should.Roaming through space and find some easy victims ( for now at least ) and hopefully make some friends in null and low is my goal.
I have even read some blogs and admire those players who run solo and live the solo life of piracy/head hunting and wont rest until knowing am I up for that kind of space life in near or far future…

Thank you all !


My PVP experience with interceptors is somewhat limited, but I found them quite good in hunting down unarmed explorers, especially in null sec.

You’ll need very good scanning skills to probe down hacking sites. You’ll also want to determine what systems you want to patrol. I recommend NPC null sec as alot of unarmed explorers will go there (e.g. Great Wildlands, Syndicate), but low sec can work as well. Bookmark each hacking site that you scan down, and move on to the next system. You might want to patrol maybe 10-15 systems, but it’s up to you.

As you patrol, use d-scan to look for scanning probes or exploration frigates. If you see one, overheat your warp scrambler/disruptor, and warp to the bookmarked hacking site in the system. If your target is already there, try to lock him and kill him. But there’s a good chance he’ll escape if he’s paying attention.

If he isn’t there, that means he’s still scanning the system. WAIT at the warp-in point of the hacking site. Eventually he’ll finish scanning the system and warp to the hacking site, and land on top of you. You can then easily lock him and kill him.

Your main targets will be T1 and T2 exploration frigates.

My kills from today using an inty:

This is the fit I use. It has a relic analyser in case I feel hacking, but you can replace it with another module, maybe a rangefinding array if your scanning skill isn’t at V:

[Raptor, null sec hacker - offensive - scram]

Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II

Warp Scrambler II
Relic Analyzer II
5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Warp Scrambler II

Light Neutron Blaster II, Void S
Core Probe Launcher II, Sisters Core Scanner Probe
Light Neutron Blaster II, Void S

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I


That’s great my friend ,just the tips I need to know.

Thank you.

Hit me up in-game if you ever want to fleet up. This is the sort of pvp I’ve been doing lately. No voice comms isn’t a big issue, I can’t hear either, so using fleet chat is fine.

Anyways, I prefer using T3 destroyers for this. They tear up small ships and can easily fit combat probes for finding AFKs. I can instalock and 1-shot most frigs in my svipul.

As for tactics, I use the map to find target systems, go there, scan all the sites, pull in probes, sit on a safe spot and use dcan to check if targets are in them. Anything you can find without probes using dscan is best but those help finding AFK players. (Why they’re sitting afk in lowsec is beyond me)

Will do :+1: Just to remind you that my knowledge of pvp and low/null sec mechanics are limited.
I don’t know why I did not trained destroyers tbh,never really liked them but will start some training for T3D,that insta svipul sounds great.

Love the name of your character!

Haha thanks

Yeah, I like them. I’ll send you the fit and a few others I have for interceptors/pirate frigs.

No problem at all, we’re all pretty laid back where I’m at. You’ll get better with experience, no worries.

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If you are willing to stay out of null, you can open up a lot more options. The interdiction nullification is great for avoiding bubbles, but the lower tank potential of an interceptor will ultimately reduce what you can choose to engage. Without knowing what your skills are, it’s hard to suggest specific shops, but consider some of the following:

  • assault and pirate frigates offer similar mobility, especially the shield variants, which allows for ease of escaping lowsec gate camps. Their increased tank and damage will give them the option to take on most other frigates, t1 destroyers, and in limited cases cruisers

  • t3 destroyers are fairly OP and the modes offer enough flexibility to provide you many engagement options. Fit correctly they can be very generalized and flexible, which helps in 1vOthers type situations. Avoid the other destroyers, as they have a higher player skill requirement due to lower speeds and higher signature radius

  • some t1 cruisers are in a good spot. I would recommend ones fit for speed, so either shield, hull, or active armor tanked. If you can pass 2,800m/s with an un-heated MWD, you can easily kite most their ships of your class or lower, short of other speed fit ships. If you fit the rest of your ship to capitalize on the mobility to control an engagement, you will find you will either win or be able to disengage from most fights. The speed (and if possible agility) of your ship should let you avoid many gate camps as well. This is trickier than with the smaller ships, as you need to focus on where the campers are relative to your ship and where you can warp to/burn back to the gate


I can see that T3d indeed are maybe best option for now but I just need that dose of safety that interceptors can provide…I just am not skilled yet to fly one solo,maybe in some small group or something.

This is what i needed to know .

Regarding skills: I can fly any frig/ass frig/interceptor/minmatar destroyer,svipul/any cruiser,BS which are gun based except caldari ,sansha and mordus ships.I have very good skills on shield,armor, gunnery and thermodynamics.

I have all skills for pvp but not the most important one:player’s skill :rofl:.

Thank you for advice.

While hunting explorers with an inty can be fun and rewarding, you won’t learn that much about pvp because most of your targets wont be able to fight back. I suggest to try and fit some cheap frig/desto/cruiser and go roam in Factional warfare systems. You’ll find plenty of fights there and can practice your 1vs1, 1vs2, 1vs3.
Have fun

This is very 2012 but I just came back after a long hiatus to find inties ignore bubbles now AND dual prop Taranis is no longer a meta fit. You can float around in low sec hunting people or go to null and camp someone else’s bubble.

Inties are my favorite ships far and away so the fact they ignore bubbles made me even more happy. I forget the guys name but someone used to have a really long video of almost entirely inty battles that got me hooked. The new T3 destroyers seem pretty amazing as well though.

Its fast enough to disengage most ships whenever you feel like its going to go poorly and does
250ish dps
4k/s w/ MWD
2k/s w/ AB

All before heat.

[Taranis, Noob Nugget]
Damage Control II
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Initiated Compact Warp Scrambler
1MN Afterburner II

Light Neutron Blaster II
Light Neutron Blaster II
Light Neutron Blaster II

Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I

Hobgoblin II x2

Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S x516
Null S x460

Interceptors aren’t really solo pvp boats and they can get a little expensive to learn PVP in.

I’d suggest buying up a dozen T1 frigates and fits, have them hauled to a handy lowsec faction warfare system and just going to FW plexes and getting into fights. You’ll learn a lot more about pvp piloting this way.

Another option would be to join RvB for a while.

I fly interceptors solo and for gangs. I know others that do also. I cant find the op on zkill so was wondering how they were doing. Anyway… many of these kills are finding a gang, killing the tackle and bugging out whilst laughing hard at their inability to catch you. The sabre was… well the same as the svipul, if you know how its possible to kill a great many things. :smiley:

100% completely wrong.

I know many people who solo almost entirely in interceptors simply because its easier to travel 40+ jumps in them… oddly i dont know anyone who uses them to hunt explorers; most us an astero or sabre.

Solo pvp in a crusader video here

I do solo ceptor stuff too, you’ll want to learn how to slingshot and ab/scram kite;

sling shot is when your in a slower ship and you mwd away, this forces the opponent to mwd towards you - if you judge the time right you turn around, overheat and scram your target.
Example kill:

Ab/scram is when you kite at the edge of scram range using an afterburner but in nul this usually means dual prop.

Target recognition is key as is learning what some weapong systems look like, for example if facing an ‘insta arty svip’ you can see the sensor booster effect as well as the guns (protip the arty dont spin like ac’s) this means in an orbit of 500m they wont hit you very well… so you usually take the first hit, then put mwd on and approach and orbit at 500m…

Other ceptor solo kills for example

and so on…
i am a little bored of the solo stuff right now tbh as its something i spent a lot of time doing…

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one of my corp members is also does some solo ceptor stuff…

You two are giving me hope. I’ve escaped all but 1 fight that I would have lost in my Taranis. Cepters are still amazing and some of the most fun you can have. If only I could fit a probe launcher on one!

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