Found an awesome anti-gank tactic: AFK mine in barge with ORE harvesters for hours afk!

Haha, I found this funny little trick.

So when I go to work for the day, well go to the job agency and look for work, or go to the gas station and get more smokes on sale now actually, I like to undock a mining barge and go mining. Ore harvester fit is the best because you get more ore and it attracts more more on griefer attention.

Basically, you mine AFK and if nobody ganks you, then that’s cool cuz it’s free easy isk. However, usually the dumb bears come and shoot your ship. Hahaha. It’s so funny they think it’s elite PvP, and wow they shot a ship that can’t shoot back, and all this for just some stupid ORE harvester modules, in a video game where nothing has value anyways.


It’s pretty amusing to me, I usually lose 10-15 barges a day, on my various accounts - but it’s funny watching the gankers scramble trying to catch all the ORE harvesters.


I am told it works best if you add some purple mods.

Just like in nature, the bright colours act as a warning signal, telling predators that the humble creatures pack a noxious punch.


Aiko is the reason why these forums need a downvote button.


dont care + didnot ask + ratio+ mac user+ skill issue + you’re a miner

Oh look, another ganker shrill showed up to white-knight for gankbear. :smirk:


Wait a minute. ARe you telling us that you provide a not-ccp-sanctioned gambling service with the OH as rewards and the loot drop changes as lottery? Pretty ballsy to circumvent their gambling service to give people what they crave…


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I also sell QUANTUM raffle tickets on WARPLOTTO.

10 million isk per ticket, wins a FREE chance to know where my next lootbag drop is.

You can always click the heart icon and pretend it is a downvote button. :smirk:

Maybe if you went back to plebbit you wouldn’t have these problems.

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I can’t afford ORE Harvesters because some dumb bears keot killing me before I could mine enough to replace my barges. Is there a suitable replacement for this module that’s more affordable to poor miners?

Gankers usually aren’t interested in cheap ships, but one thing you can do is make a new character, and gankers will definitely come. I have a lot of fun on my alpha alts, and then I just biomass them once they are a week old.

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