Bots or Multiboxing?

skills , are you sure its the same time or are they staggered by a second


They all warped at once as I approached.

thats fleet warp


One can only drool over that many accounts.

I think the real question is how much autism is required to want to run that many accounts at once?

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First of all, CCP doesn’t ban players without investigation, so if you seriously suspect a person of botting, you should report them.

Second, it is often difficult to tell players apart from bots, as much of the evidence is often circumstantial.

  • Don’t respond to conversation- Could be afk, could be semi-afk, could be too busy. However, real players always seem to talk at some point. Botters will almost never talk. Do note, however, they will sometimes be around to talk because they are setting up, winding down, or just checking in to make sure that there are no problems. So, just because they do talk, that doesn’t mean that they’re not a bot. You have to look into the big picture.
  • Long grinding sessions with no breaks- Real players will often have long grinding sessions, but if you pay attention, you can see them take breaks. Of course, do you really want to watch someone for 8 hours to see if they take any breaks? And do note that individual bots will rarely run 24/7. Since it’s such an obvious sign of botting, they’ll typically have multiple sets of bots that run in shifts.
  • Yield Tanking- This is admittedly some weak evidence on it’s own, but botters seem to be particularly prone to fitting a bunch of bling and/or as little tank. I guess being a loot pinata is worth it considering how much of a difference it makes over hours and hours of running. For example, a 10% increase in isk efficiency might not be that big of a deal to someone who grinds for 10 hours a week, but it will add up to a serious chunk of change for a botting operation running 24 hours a day. And, it’s not like they’ll have to grind back their losses. The bot will handle it for them. And, of course, assuming they’ve set up their scripts right, they don’t have to worry about human error (i.e. a bot will automatically and immediately dock up when a neut enters local). Anyway, real players will also yield tank, so take it for what it’s worth.
  • They don’t adapt or respond like any reasonable player would- This is often the best evidence. For example, they’ll do things like slowboat without prop mod the long way through a warp bubble, instead of heading for the nearest edge and warping away. Or a multiboxer bot operation in HS will keep running even after his logi has been ganked.

And do note that multiboxers are not necessarily botters (or input broadcasters). Yes, some multiboxers are cheaters, but most aren’t. And it’s a mistake to assume that you have to cheat in order to control a bunch of accounts. Real multiboxers have developed remarkable execution, and make use of mechanics that reduce inputs required (such as drone assist, autotarget missiles, regroup command, and fleet warp).

And remember, CCP does not ban on player reports alone.


Oh, btw, Ctrl + Printscreen will take a screenshot (of all displays), which you can then paste into the forums, imgur, paint brush, paint 3d, photoshop, whatever. Also, you can use Ctrl + Alt + Printscreen to take a screen shot of just the active window -which can be useful if you have a multiple display setup or just want a screenshot of one particular program or client.
No P2W

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Thank you for your very detailed and informative post.
I would hope that CCP doesn’t ban on player reports alone and I think it’s the same for most the other games.

Another thing, the only type of reporting link I found in-game was "isk spammer " or close to that. I did not find a clickable link for reporting a player for any other general offense and the pop-up window linked to the “?” button doesn’t have any reporting tool regarding reporting one player.
Maybe someone can tell me more about that.
I’m not used to reporting people in any game and I don’t like the idea of reporting either but botting in EVE concerns me. Who likes a cheater?

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The fact that the concept of fleet warp has to be explained to some people who just can’t stop posting negativity and drama, is astounding.

What’s astounding about that?
What does the explanation of Fleet Warp have to do with negativity and drama on the forum?
The fact that you put those three together in the same sentence is astounding to me.