Input Brodcasting

How to report obvious for me multiboxing input broadcaster?
There is a guy in pochven multiboxing 15 vargurs that will all, align, shoot and jump i one server tick.

I would just use the bot report tool.

Aligning and jumping can be done through the fleet warp command. So, that is not evidence of cheating. Shooting with 15 ships on the same server tick would be, assuming you’re not exaggerating or mistaken, or that there wasn’t a bug going on. For example, there is a relatively common bug that can cause a ship to look like it’s still firing after it has stopped.

Anyway, a lot of people assume botting/macro usage based on faulty information. They underestimate other players’ execution and/or don’t understand how multiboxers use mechanics and fleet comps to minimize inputs (i.e. fleet warp, autotarget missiles, or using passive boxes that mostly require a one time set up [i.e. drone boats, links, boosts]). Moreover, a lot of people don’t like boxers, and they especially don’t like boxers that cloaky camp or gank. So, they tend to assume the worst.

Regardless, CCP doesn’t ban based on reports alone. So, if you suspect botting or macros, go ahead and report it. Just try to use your brain, so that you aren’t wasting the security team’s time by having them investigate a bunch of players that aren’t actually cheating.

If they are fleet warping it’s obvious they will all align and jump at the same time. You only need 1 character to start fleet warp.

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