I find it amazing that Eve states that Bots and other cheats are illegal and will get you kicked out of the game, yet allows obvious cheaters to not only exist but thrive.

There is a Russian gentleman who runs a 40 ship fleet doing incursions by himself.
Today, I got ganked by a 12 person fleet run by a single person.

There are other fleets all run by single people.

Cheaters do prosper on Eve.

What about this is botting or cheating? Multiboxing accounts is allowed and sometimes even encouraged.

Again, what about this is botting or cheating? Multiboxing accounts is allowed and sometimes even encouraged.

If you think they’re actually cheating, don’t cry like a baby here on the forums. Send in a support ticket with your evidence and proof that they’re cheating and CCP will handle it.

Otherwise, this is just you whining and crying because some players are better than you and able to operate multiple accounts more effectively than you can. Your feelings getting hurt because someone is better than you is not proof that they are cheating.

It’s difficult to manage a 40 or even 12 character fleet without input broadcasting. If you suspect these people are using automation then report them

Bots are incredible destructive to the game economy but the best way to catch them is a combination of analytics and player reports.

It’s actually very easy to do without input broadcasting.

Logistics ships only really need to change targets and rep when a ship is being attacked. Remote repair modules will continually cycle on a target until stopped, including Remote Cap Transfers. If most of the ships in the incursion are sitting still, you really only need to manage the DPS ships and change targets once in a while.

As for a 12 character “fleet”, Jasion Kusion has many videos showing him simply using windowed clients to gank players without the need for input broadcasting.

Here’s an example.

Here’s another example.

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is this your main? Or are you posting as an Alt?

Having an infinite amount of accounts and computing power to multibox them isn’t cheating according to the TOS, it just isn’t specifically fair to you who does not.

Although, other than input broadcasting there is very little difference between a bot(s) operating dozens of accounts and a player doing the same. Even bots can be programmed to operate with the same behavior as an actual player doing the same making them that much more impossible to prove as bots.

While you may or may not be right about these players using bots, it might not be possible to prove either way but you’re right, cheaters do prosper in Eve Online.

Even if you get them banned, kill them destroying all their ships and stealing all their stuff or when they try to do trades illegal or otherwise it is just a cost of doing business for them and something they are prepared to accept and expected to continue on after happening multiple times if not as many times as is possible for them to finally decide to quit botting/playing eve online (or for RMT maybe?).

An unlikely scenario as they will keep investing in trying again if they think they can turn a profit/benefit to themselves and find with every mistake a way to learn how to avoid getting caught next time. In that sense they would probably actually prefer to get caught many times quickly and early before they invest too much into it so they can know better how to avoid getting caught again before they take their activity as far as they will or want to.

At least this is my theory abot it and how I reduce it to it’s base logic, for them they are not playing eve as the game, the game is playing against CCP trying to catch them botting in eve. If they lose, they lose everything (maybe?) and then the challenge is to keep doing it again and trying not to get caught next time. Ultimately they probably do get caught but how long it takes and how much they profit from the activity is likely the goal for them if they expect to get caught one way or another eventually making a mistake.

In some ways they probably just think of themselves exactly as a hardcore player in any kind of video game. They risk everything, make mistakes, learn from them and then try and try again to do better. Like an actual AI in a sense they just get better the more they get caught making a mistake because then they will just adapt like fracking borgs.

Winning for them is quite possibly just losing enough times to find a way to lose less in the long term, just like an actual player. Like the villain who sees themselves as the hero to justify their own actions, botters probably just see themselves as no more different than the most hardcore eve online players but just on a whole other level.

It isn’t cheating to them, it is just a different kind of game and the harder CCP makes it for them the less boring and more challenging it gets, keeping them both motivated and engaged in continuing to do so even if that was not their initial goal.

Like I said, almost impossible to tell apart from an actual player, except you don’t exactly always get CCP trying to find ways to make the game more fun for you whereas they will always be trying to find and ban bots, make it harder for them no matter what it takes.

Spooky stuff to think abot really.