Ban Multi Boxing PVP for 3 months

I’m still confused as to how OP thinks this will be enforced.

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The same way the exploit of attacking arena runners will be, I guess.

That video was dope. I would argue that 1 player playing 3 accounts is less effective than 3 players of equal skill each playing 1 account. There was nothing stopping the 15 player gang from bringing supercarriers of their own. A smaller group beat a larger group, that’s great! I see no issue here.



do it! design the game, that its playable with one window PLS…
but until this time…

ps: ban cloaky campers too! plague of that game.

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there’s nothing wrong with playing the game the way you want to as long as it does not violate the rules that CCP has placed.


lolz. a quick look through the Prismatic Legion killboard suggests your mainline ships are Drekavacs and Sabres (or a Flycatcher) with the odd Legion, Curse or Leshak thrown in for good measure.

Nice try with the “operational security” gambit, but very much doomed to fail.


People without alts should be in the subcapital fleet.

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Hey, you at least did the research. :smiley:

You don’t win at sports by giving your opponent your playbook, you make them watch film.

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Show me where the bait’s friend touched you

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Ban friends, i don’t have friends and i’m triggered when people drop me with friends… Friendship is the plague of this game.
CCPlease, unban Nicolai Serkanner, i miss his concise but most of time à propos prose and he was the closest friend i ever had, even if we never talked.


It’s not the multiboxing these people are crying about.

Remove multiboxing …
and they will cry about people having friends.


Because it makes no difference from an in-game perspective.


I miss him too.

■■■■ off.

: - )

Poe’s law - Wikipedia

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Looks well executed, props to the offender.

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And you’ll cry about people crying. It’s literally all you do, do you even play EVE?

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lol …

You’re a nobody trying too way too hard to come across like a big, tough guy.
You’re literally the very asshole you keep seeing in others.

Get a life, loser. vOv

So Every time I look at these Bad threads.

The OP doesn’t even comment further then the original post.

How will this be enforced?

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It won’t. It will just provide even more excuses for the perma-victims to whine about how anyone who kills them must be cheating.



Isn’t it great how you regularly violate the forum rules and never get punished for it? Echo chamber moderation, I pity you and the mods supporting you.