Burner Frigate DPS

Just hitting level 4 missions and I’m wondering what sort of DPS I’ll need to break the tank of the solo frigates?

Was looking on the workbench but most of the fits (Hawk/Garmur) seemed optimised for the burner team rather than the individual.

All help appreciated :slight_smile:

I would say it is more your application of damage to frigates, depending on what you are using to do level 4s, some l4s are much harder than others

That entirely depends on your damage type vs. their resistance profile (which is greatly different between the burners). A Nergal with the right setup can kill all of them, some sooner, some later. Other ships rely on hitting the Burner’s weakest resistance. Assaultfrigs/Factionfrigs usually deliver enough DPS to do it, if you survive long enough. So, assume 250 DPS if you can hit their resistance hole, ~400+ if you can’t and just need to overwhelm them with raw damage.

If you want to run the pirate burner missions efficiently, fit one Counter-Frig per Burner Opponent, specialized for killing exactly this one. Its usually faster to just switch ships than to refit one ship.


take a closer look and test the burners on sissy until you are familar with them.

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