Why do warp distrurptors allow others to steer your ship?

I was attacked and killed in Jita, just as I was about to dock after warping from a nearby station, the people attacking made my ship do a 180 and I could not travel in any direction. I was just stuck there to die, meanwhile surrounded by many attacking ships webbing/distrupting me. Isn’t this too powerful an item? I tried to break the locks with an ECM countermeasure but that did not do a thing. This is the second Raven I have lost to being webbed by a group of people, seems there should be other factors involved in webbing ships, like webbing a ship that is larger than yours weakens the effect, the more people engaging in the attack the weaker the hold, etc.

I had learned yesterday that if you attack others in defense you loose your docking rights–which effected me being killed as a sitting duck, (also I think rule should be changed, as does not seem fair really, trying to kill somebody webbing you to stop you from docking should be fair game–or even webbing/distrupting is not permitted within approaching range of stations or gates), so this time I just tried to get back to dock, but I was only pulled further and further away and killed.

Also I thought Jita was hisec space, so how was I attacked, I had not attacked anybody else or committed crimes?

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Vendetta Mercenary Group vs Rogue Mercenaries Inc.


They didn’t steer or pull your ship, that doesn’t happen. It’s likely you just bumped off the station perimeter because you were already shooting back and couldn’t dock. There’s also a possibility that another ship was used to ram (bump) you away from the station so you could be killed. It is not possible for another player to steer or pull your ship using a module.

You are at war with these guys, so i suggest becoming familiar with war time practices and not flying around in 3 Billion ISK Ravens anymore :nyanparrot:


Lol, you didn’t recognize your corp is at war?

Else you use instadock bookmarks (google it, after you have made yourself familiar with wars and crimewatch).


That fit causes me pain… And yeah, points don’t work like that, stupid people work like that though…

You’re decced, simply log out for the week and call it a day, or move to LS/NS/WH space and play EVE online, or continue to subject yourself to the worst part of EVE online.


So… it sounds like a few things are happening here. Relax as I will go through everything point by point.

  • In high security space, there are certain rules and protocols that need to be followed. People cannot simply attack with without…
    – your player corporation being in a state of war with them (note: it does not need to be consensual, the aggressing corp simply needs to pay 50+ million isk + extra depending on how large the target corporation is and/or whether it is a part of an alliance).
    – you possessing a “Suspect Timer.” This can happen for a variety of reason, but the most simple one is that you took something from a cargo can that did not belong to you or your corporation.
    – losing their ship to the NPC police (see: CONCORD will literally “death ray” the offending ship in 15 seconds or less). This is absolute and there is no way to avoid this. However, utilizing teamwork, a group of people can turn this to their advantage; nuking a ship with valuable enough cargo at the cost of their own and then having another person scoop up said cargo (see: Suicide Ganking).
    – being in Faction Warfare. You can either join as an individual OR as part of a player corporation. Essentially this is a giant war declaration with minimal NPC backup.

Looking at your killboard (that was kindly linked above) it appears that you were killed by some rather “shiny” ships. That rules out suicide ganking.
So either you picked up something you were not supposed to or your corporation is at war.

  • Warp Disruptors will not change your ship’s direction / vector. Neither will Stasis Webifiers.
    – Warp Disruptors will simply disable your ship’s ability to warp. Nothing more or less.
    – Stasis Webifiers will simply reduce your ship’s maximum speed. Nothing more or less.

Possible explanation for what you saw?
If you were in the middle of initiating warp and someone activated a Warp Disruptor on you, your ship will default to a “stop” command.

Also… don’t take the visual ques too seriously. The server sees your ship as nothing more than a sphere. It does not have a “front” or “back” until you have vector (see: speed and direction).
The client (which has all the pretty visuals and graphics) is simply trying to keep up with what the server says.

  • ECM countermeasures do work… but only up to a point. And they have catches.
    See… whether they work or not is based on probability. This probability is based on the sensor strength of the module versus the sensor strength of the target ship. The higher the module’s sensor strength, the better the odds that the jam (see: drops and prevents the target’s ship from targeting others) will work.

In your case… you had a Burst Jammer and a Target Spectrum Breaker.

The Burst Jammer simply cannot be used close to a station. Moreover, it cannot be used while your “safety button” is set to green or yellow. This is because it is an Area of Effect module. Setting it off in high-security space means that if a neutral party is hit by it (and it doesn’t matter whether it is successful or not) then the NPC police will mark you as a criminal and nuke you.

The Spectrum Breaker is a bit of a weird module. It is largely considered useless because it will randomly decide to attempt to jam a ship targeting you at a random time. And the jam is itself based on probability.
So this module sees little use.

  • Docking rights are pretty straightforward. If you commit an aggressive act outside of a station, you can’t dock for 60 second.
    The reason for this is to prevent “docking games” (see: stop a person from engaging and then chickening out when the odds turn against him/her).

And no… there is no such thing as “fighting defensively” in EVE. You are either attacking or you are not.
And please try not to argue nuance or semantics here. This is binary computer language that we are talking about. It can’t extrapolate “intent” without causing a plethora of issues down the road (as we players are VERY good at “gaming the system” here).

  • Attacking people on stations is also perfectly allowed too.
    The reason for this is because not allowing it would make the game too "safe."
    Most fights happen either on stations, stargates, or some kind of structure. And it is a time honored tactic to try and “blockade” or “siege” a person’s base of operations.

Lacking the ability to fight on structures would remove the ability to do those things in any effective fashion.


This is not to say that you are screwed. You DO have options.

For now though… see about getting away from Jita in your pod (and try not to go back there unless you really have to… there ARE other trade hubs that see less traffic).
Note: Your pod can effectively “instawarp.” Barring bad luck or someone who lives close to the server cluster, you should be able to escape.

Things you can do:

  • Don’t bring out a big heavy battleship. They are not really “solo” ships and only really shine when used in conjunction with support.

  • Learn to fit your ships. That battleship fit… ummm… yeah.
    – Try not to mix tanks (see: don’t expend precious ship resources make multiple mediocre tanks when you can make one strong tank and focus everything else on combat performance)
    – “Bling” modules only help give small performance increases at vastly higher prices. They will not confer your ship OMGWTF stats.
    – Raw stats are overrated. Tactics will make or break any engagement (in your case, you would not have won any direct engagement in any ship)

  • Hang out with your friends are. You are in corporation after all. There is safety in numbers. More so when you are organized and can cover each other’s backs.

  • Make insta-undock bookmarks off of stations you frequently use.
    The tactic here is simple: Get a fast, nimble ship… undock… point it straight ahead from the undock point. When you get 150+ km from the station, make a bookmark.

Now, if you find yourself camped in, you can warp to that bookmark and then warp away from that point… away from hostile.

Note: the further away you make the bookmark, the better.

  • Don’t engage hostiles outside of a station without a solid plan and/or help from friends.
    You can tank to your heart’s delight and redock… as long as you take no aggressive action against anyone.

^ That was a nice effort Fluff.

Literally the worst advice ever, do not listen to this man.


OP is in a tax-evading one-man corp. The best advice is to drop corp and eat the tax, corps are not for solo play.


git gud stop using ravens

I didn’t notice he was in a one man corp, you are i think correct. That said, corps are definitely for solo play, i can’t dec anyone from the NPC corp :frowning:


Actually logging off for the week and playing on alt characters that are out of corp or simply not playing EvE for the week is usually the best option.

As defenders you can never win a war in EvE, win being defined as the war ends so you can go back to whatever you really want to do.

Even if you choose to fight all that will happen is you will lose ships which feeds into how and why many players are in the war dec side of the game.

In the vast majority of the war decs if you undock to fight you will face one of two situations.

  1. no body to shoot because your size and strength means there is an unacceptable level of risk for the aggressor side so they simply dock up and stay docked until that changes.
  2. or you will essentially be like the kill that started this topic and be so over matched that you death will be nearly instant.

ShahFluffers and Donnachadh gave some very good info.

Holy crap mate, that fit was 3bil

They wardeced you… you ignored the wardec notification… you then choose to undock in enough bling to make my eyes hurt without bothering to first take the time to learn enough about the game to now what you’re doing… you got blown up… & came here to complain… about what?

That you did a whole chain of stupid things & it cost you ISK? :roll_eyes:

Simplest way to deal with wardecs you don’t want is to use a different alt for the duration, one in a non player corp, they can’t be deced so the only thing you need to watch for then is suicide ganks.


Sorry to sound terse, but really… I might have missed my meds for a day or two as well, tend to get a bit “short” when I do :confused:, the others have given you some very good advice though, check it through carefully & fly less expensive ships until better acquainted with the game than you appear (?) to be.

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I suggest making an alt character and have it train up minimum skill level requirements to be placeholder CEO of your corp, then when your corp get’s WarDec’d, have your main character leave corp and stay in NPC corp till the WarDec is over. Rinse and repeat that every time your corp get’s WarDec. That way you’ll be able to enjoy the game without being bothered by KM whores.


That would be zero then, a CEO doesn’t need any skills at all, you only need the skills to create the corp in the first place or to upgrade the corporations stats (how many members it can have) after that anyone can take over any time & it’s all golden, just don’t touch the upgrade corp button :wink:

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Hmm… with alpha clones being free they provide us with new options there (or rather old options for less (read no) sub costs) that I’d not really considered until now.

If you’re corp gets deced make an alpha to be CEO then leave & make another corp… then if that gets deced before the first ones dec expires just do it again… and again… and agian… and again… etc :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If you get deced & any of your others happen to be dec free hop to that one.

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Or just not be a bad by attracting attention to yourself by flying shiny crap or ■■■■ fits…


+1 You’re a genius, i’m going to make permanent CEO alts for all my corps now and be free to use the Omegas for better stuff :slight_smile:

Cheers for pointing out the obvious :smiley: o/


No, I am not here to complain (however, for future note, when I complain here for getting SD while outside of highsec then you can pull that card out for debate), and certainly, I am not here to argue the several inappropriate/moot replies, I am just making observation and pointing out apparent flaws in game play, namely as to the following points, hopefully so as to improve future game play:

  1. As a new player, I am in highsec for an obvious reason, I should not be thrust into PVP on the laziness and greed of others–to wit, there is apparently a huge alliance of (overly qualified) corporate players who namely just camp in and around Jita scanning ships 24/7, they then attempt to provoke attacks by repeatedly bumping and/or declaring war on them, and also posting bounties on them. (I am sorry, but this type of game play should be prohibited in safe territory unless it is consensual, there are plenty of other zones designated for these contrived tactics.) I expect this elsewhere, but not in highsec.

1a. As a new player, I am not too familiar with the ramifications of being declared war upon–to this, I thought in highsec it only meant those players could attack my structures (after 24-hour notice) and it would highlight me on their overview whenever in proximity. I thought highsec was a safe haven for all, excluding only criminals, and Concord would instantly kill any aggressors. More to the point, I thought in any case or at worst, they would just get a few shots off before I dock as I warped in from point A to B–as I could not have possibly conceived that other players could take virtual could control of my ship, i.e., after warping in, I spend the entire time clicking dock and approach with my 500MN MWD already active, yet my ship was still turned 180-degrees and pulled further and further from dock (and of course if I had stricken back I forfeit my docking privileges, and they greatly out numbered me anyway and had me three-fold webbed.)

1b. To my knowledge, Jita is by far the best single region to purchase items and at competitive prices, items that are rare finds elsewhere and are generally more costly. It is a great one place stop-and-shop.

1c. Throughout highsec, docking/undocking should be absolutely worry free/easy–and should not be prevented by a large group of players that are working together to bump you into space, while multi-interdicting your ship and mass-droning, mass-firing upon your ship and then your pod. (In effect SDing you all of about 30-seconds.)

1d. If nothing else there should be an option to forfeit/surrender to wars declared upon those that have been within highsec for the last 24-hours of the war declaration (and for corporations headquartered in highsec and that meet the foregoing requirement), simply acknowledging the superiority of the declarer or whatever, with no other consequences to the conceding player/corporation; save that the declarer will then be granted a 24-hour period to begin attacking any highsec structures owned by that player/corporation.

1e. There should also be an option to turn yourself into Concord to remove a bounty on you.

  1. It seems from things I have read that declaring war and posting bounties on other players in highsec has devolved into an ongoing form of player harassment, as such things are being done without any underlying causation first being established.

2a. With exception to player owned structures/gates, non-consensual combat should be prohibited throughout highsec.

2b. In any case, prerequisites should be met before being permitted to post bounties on other players, such as being attacked without provocation or having claims stolen, etc., and granted a 24-hour period for which to make such claims. Otherwise, this is just blatant harassment upon new players and at little cost to the challenger, e.g., 100K or 50M ISK.

2c. As to the above, unless consensual combat is involved only one claim may be permitted by the same player, corporation or alliance per incident–additionally, attacking back in your own defensive of having an attack instigated against you, should not count as consensual combat or an offensive act.

  1. Ship bumping apparently interferes with the warp process and effectively prevents the affected player from docking by pushing them away from structures; thus, it should cause harm upon the at-fault player in relation to their velocity and the ship masses involved, e.g., damaging a percentage of shield, armor, and hull damage.

3a. Further, in highsec, ship bumping should activate a timer that prevents further movement of the at-fault, e.g., their speed comes to rest and then they are frozen for 35-seconds and meanwhile cannot engage in offensive combat, but can fight back against anybody engaging them offensively.

3b. A player that has been ship bumped should receive an immunity timer or something similar that nullifies or mitigates any subsequent ship bumps by any player and also prevents them from ship bumping other players during that timeframe, e.g., just make the ships pass through each other for the next 45-seconds.

  1. Regarding the programming aspect (the above reply), the programming language is compiled into binary, but is written in readable (OOP) syntax; it applies simple boolean and XOR logic, the game’s variables/Db schema stores (among many things) who initiated and joined in the attack and can logic an offensive player from a counter-offensive/defensive (i.e., the difference between webbing a player and then shooting at them and firing back at the player webbing and shooting you; as is the difference between breaking into someone’s home for thievery and punching the occupants in the face only to find one of the occupants pointing a shotgun at you for breaking into their home and battering their family); there is virtually no limit to the use of logic and class/routine procedures that can be accomplished via varying computer languages. (This functions similarly as to how Lancers know when to initiate an attack on you for the day or when to leave you be in consequence of your earlier attack on them.)

4a. To this point, players first being attacked, should not loose their docking privileges, if they should strike back, perhaps excluding mutual combat agreements.

  1. The use of interdictors/webbing should either be nerfed or prohibited for use within x-distance of structures/gates throughout highsec–there is simply no challenge to using these (low cost) devices to freeze another player’s movement and then SDing them; as there is no effective counter to them either.

5a. This is unfair to single players, for they have no recourse and ECM is just not at all effective (and certain types of these devices are prohibited for use in highsec) with respect to being interdicted/webbed, and has no chance at all when attempting to counter a group of players that are engaging multiple simultaneous holds on you–it does not matter your ship or its subjective fit (excluding super ships perhaps), at this time you are dead, it just a matter of a short-lived timeframe, which in most cases is barely enough time to react in whatever instance, losing 1-3 thousand points per second.

5b. Interdicting/webbing does not appear to take into account ship masses and velocities, e.g., small ships interdicting/webbing larger ships should greatly diminish the devices effectiveness; with additional consideration to the player coming out or entering warp is also worthwhile, by mitigating its overall effectiveness.

5c. Further, simultaneous interdicting/webbing should result in interference penalties as to each units effectiveness when being gang-banged.

5d. As it stands now, it seems that interdictors/webbing does more than just prevent warping–perhaps the effect is further enhanced when combined with ship bumping, but it appears to allow other players to maneuver another’s ship around in addition to terminating all forward/warp abilities. Perhaps this device needs to be modded so as to reduce a designated percentage of the vessels overall velocity, granting the power and cost of the unit, e.g., reduces a player’s ship moving velocity by 5%, 10%, 15%, 25%, 50%, 75%, while also preventing warp outs. And additionally compensated by a new skill advancements. Further, perhaps it should consume much more cap while in use, the device is attempting to prevent another from entering warp after all.