Skin in the game

Pirates don’t like when their victims get away and that’s why warp disruption was implemented. A warp disrupter/scrambler is cheap and easy to use too. Before i get to the point i would like to point out how the game continues to expand in the pirates favor and remind people that there are players on the other side of the equation, the peaceful players. To my understanding that is the biggest group of players as well.

How has the game expanded in the pirates favor?

  • Timers that prevent you from docking and using star gates
  • Lancers that stun ships with jump drives
  • Cheap ships and fits with high dps

My thought was that warp scramblers and disrupters should cost hundreds of millions of ISK so that pirates have more skin in the game. What do you think would be the ramifications of that other than potential pirate tears? Lets discuss or not? Have a nice day.


Calm down miner.


Something tells me this thread is dead :slight_smile:

Hi don’t play the game either but have a lot of recommendations too!


I think mining lasers should cost a billion isk.

Miners need more skin in the game.


Oh man, all this talk about skin is getting me really hungry.


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Wait til he learns about bubbles.


No. Faction versions are already fairly expensive and Abyssal versions are even more so.

Oh no, please not another Wesfahrn thread.


A warp disrupter of any kind should probably require a licence even if it doesent require one today


More power to the pirates who belong to big alliances, solo pirates will join those alliances or quit. Hisec will not be more secure and ships will still explode.
Try as you might, there is no scenario in EvE where you can mine in total ignorance of your environment and any ship you undock is always a potential loss so all your threads based on that idea will fall flat on their face.

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The ability of players to counter or escape warp disruption was further nerfed when WC Stabilizers were essentially neutered, as well as the addition of things like DED Apprehension boosters to the game.

However, CCP determined the game needs more destruction, and many PvPers aren’t good enough or prepared enough to prevent targets from escaping. So the ability to escape had to be nerfed.

CCP then also made changes like the mining barge rebalance, or the BS update, which makes it more expensive to gank certain ships or slower to fight them. They sort of have a history of screwing both sides over (PvP and non-PvP players) in order to try to shoehorn players into producing the kind of overall stats CCP thinks will be “healthy” for the game.

I don’t believe EVE needs a “safe” mode. The inherent risk in EVE is one of the very few attractions of the game. But personally I believe the current system of standings loss, buy it back with tags, more loss, more tags, repeat as needed is a bit tired and meaningless. ISK is easy enough to come by that mere replaceable standings loss isn’t much of a consequence anymore.

The primary “skin” imbalance comes from the design of EVE, where economically viable targets tend to be non-combat oriented, and combat ships can be made quite cheaply. And as stated, where warp scrambling is very cheap and effective. But not all PvP needs a scrambler, ie., gate camps, bubbles etc.

IMO, EVE could use a boost to the overall attractiveness/reward of PvP, and particularly to the reward balance of “hunting the hunters”, which currently isn’t really economically viable. Mechanisms for doing this have been discussed before, but it generally just results in a crowd of gankers and F1-monkey swarms piling on the thread and shouting it into lockdown.

An easy way to increase skin in the game would be similar to Citadel Quantum cores. Quantum ship cores could come in various strengths, and when you mount your modules you add a core capable of handling them. Like CPU/Power grid, but a purchasable item that becomes a guaranteed drop. This could also be a decent ISK sink, if for instance they’re only purchased from NPCs, and when dropped become ‘damaged’ cores that sell to NPCs for half-value.

If balanced correctly that makes even trash-tier ships like the disposable ganker ships a more interesting target for hunting, and adds more reward to all forms of PvP.

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I can already see surprised pikachu face of pvp pilots after they see that.

Have you thought about maybe suggesting ideas that are practical and have a chance of being implemented? Because clearly CCP is not going to change the entire industrial process for one of the most common modules in the entire game to make one small section of it harder when there are a multitude of other fixes if they clearly considered ganking a problem. It’s just a waste of time to even bring it up. And you make so many waste of time posts that people who might already be inclined to listen to your viewpoints just disregard it out of hand as soon as they see your name. You aren’t doing yourself any favors.

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I see what you did there! HAHA!

peaceful players

You can choose to die peacefully if you like, but I prefer to go down shooting guns with everything on overheat. I usually also yell something at the same time. “FREEEDOM!!!”

How has the game expanded in the pirates favor?

It never has. It has gone the other way. The risk in the game is what makes it fun. No AI can provide what Eve players provide us: intelligent, carefully calculated traps and engagements which require you to be constantly on guard and of which you are unable to opt out.


Are you talking about those faction warfare bots you used to run, that would autowarp with a full row of warpcore stabilizers? Yah, nobody had the ‘skill’ to catch them, considering it was usually impossible.


You mean to tell me that you couldn’t tackle a 4-stab frigate sitting 38km away from warp-in when you’re flying a max 5 mid slot ship that only has 1 of them free so you have to choose between a MWD, webifier, and sensor booster, which are all absolutely needed to have any chance of catching a FW bot?

What a scrub, lmao. Learn to play EVE, dumb noob! Tackling is obviously unbalanced in the attacker’s favor, you more on.


I had no idea Kezrai was one of those kinds of d-plexers, if this is true.