Incoming 1-week 100% player loot

Been confirmed on the eve vegas stream that the “pvp event” presented on this page

from 11:00 UTC on 29 October to 11:00 UTC on 5 November

is a 100% loot from all player kills. Be it freighter, mission runner, structure in WS, plex-tanked shuttles.

Up to you how you deal with it.

If you are PvE player and don’t like to be ganked, it’s best to take a break for a week (aside from login for daily rewards) imho. Or only fly very inexpensive ships.

P.S. Abyss runners gonna have a bad week. Especially Lv5 abyss runners.

Eh You can beat most of them all with your marshal most of them have ADD anyway the longer it takes for them to kill you the more bored they get and will leave you alone.

what ?

Cargo counts into bounty payment, correct? :grin:

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It seems obvious that the 100% fitting and cargo drop event will have a negative impact on high-sec and a positive impact on low and null sec. Bling fits and hauling will be particularly impacted.

It is already isn’t uncommon for bling fit battleships to get suicide ganked in areas around Uedama and Niarja. This will just make it worse.

It will also make some classes of ships impractical, such as the Industrial class of ships due to their low ehp and modest cargo capacity. They can be killed by a single catalyst in many places in high-sec before concord arrives and most things worth carrying in an Industrial will be worth more than a single catalyst.

I also don’t like how CCP is being cagey with this announcement.
They REALLY need to make it super obvious in-game during this event that this change to fundamental mechanics has occurred. I am talking about a warning box with a thorough explanation BEFORE it lets you select a character to login with levels of obvious.

CCP knows that a lot of their player base just ignores all the news about the game and just play it or are coming back from a break. People are going to rage over this when their ships gets suicide ganked in high-sec by a swarm of catalysts each worth maybe 2 million each that can dish out 6k+ damage each before they go down.


They already do cry and whine about it. What’s different here?
I doubt most of these carebears even realize the current 50/50 drop rates.


I couldn’t even find it in news or anywhere on site, nothing say about 100% loot drop, just vague “PvP event” announcement. If you don’t watch stream or read forums you are screwed.
And CCP seems to really like to screw their players for some mysterious reasons.

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Good job EVE, way to kill off your player activity, I will quit EVE for good if this goes into effect. Wont be back see ya. Wont be getting my $$$ anymore.

Eve just loves losing player activity it seems.


Can I have your stuff? :wink:


not sure. We’ll see.

All those bears telling nullsec to “adapt” during blackout. Funny how they instantly start to cry when the shoes on the other foot…

The blackout was designed to target the wealthiest players (debatable whether this actually happened, but that appeared to be the intent). In this case, the 100% loot drop will seem to disproportionately hurt the newer (less wealthy players).

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Does it include plex in plex vault?

it would help new players and old , you get all your gear back from npc blowing you up . if it encourages players to blow each other up more that’s fine loot fairy sucks anyway … like to see this become a feature … :slight_smile:
also inty damage buff and af speed nerf cuz they’re too fast anyway …

lol, no.

It’s cool as a short event, it’s wholly unviable as a permanent feature. Destruction is necessary for a functional economy.

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Will likely interfere with all PvE content. Especially the higher levels. It will definitely be seen on the market.

I guess it can be a good thing, just a horrible way to announce it. I’d hoped CCP would start doing things differently and actually engage and enlighten their players, yet we see another hidden and completely screwed way to sneak in another event. This one is just as bad a way as Blackout was.

I don’t mind the event, I mind how CCP can’t engage with its community, without the sneaking and total surprises of what they know will impact a lot of players in a negative way.

adapt and HTFU. Or leave. Stop whining

Why should we be told any of this stuff in advance ? Personally, I like surprises - half the fun in Eve is figuring out WIHIH. Who would you complain to if you were flying through actual space and something happened that you hadn’t been forewarned about ? The Pan-galactic Authorities ??

For those who don’t know, WIHIH is “What In Hell Is Happening ?”


I run only incursions in high-sec with a group that commonly runs ~4.5bil ships. I support this change, since pvp is pretty pointless outside of just for fun at the moment, but has a bit more incentive for real piracy now. The only problem being that high sec catalyst and nado ganking will be even worse, with not much real counter to it, which is just super annoying if you’re in a purely tank fitted BS and are still profitable for multiboxing suicide gankers.