HalloweenWeek vs PeaceWeek

It seems that the law abiding, harmless citizens of High Sec are getting during the Halloween event a little extra fright with their freight. More loot dropping from Pvp kills means more gankers. Making people who are not really interested in pvp even a bigger target. As a highseccer, the ‘fun’ part of this totally escapes me but then I don’t work for a company that is scrambling to keep its customers.

It is high time that CCP does the opposite. PeaceWeek is just that. In an attempt to make High Sec safer, the industrious civilised people in Eve have created a virus that blocks every aggression against another player. You read it right : no war, no ganking, no gate camps,… in this Pvp game. Unfortunately the virus only works for 3 days, after which a new batch needs to be cultivated which takes a year or so. But in these 3 days, High sec dwellers can finally move without any danger into LowSec and NullSec. They can mine their harts out on that delicious Null Ore. They can explore sites they would never see. They can do the null-anomalies or just rat NPC’s. Or they can go just have a ‘real life’ look at those enormous Capitals . Or do some role-play and fly to the HQ of your most appreciated nullsec alliance and take a wizz against the walls. :slight_smile:


PS. Originally I found it just funny to have the opposite of what CCP does. But now I think it would actually bring something to this game. It would lower the cold water fear of the high-seccers. And bring new blood to the Null-Corps once people get a taste of the null-rewards. And if the corps take advantage of the opportunity to introduce themselves when they meet people in ‘their’ system.


■■■■ off Balos.


CCP is scrambling. They are running tests. If this one lowers server population then we won’t see another like it.

As for your suggestion, I’m sure that something like it is in the pipe.

At this point, it seems like they are just throwing noodles at the wall and seeing which ones stick.

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I don’t mean to kink shame but you carebears write some really weird fanfic.


You really need to jump into an empty clone and just go straight to low sec. Null would work too. Bring a friend or two if you can. Shoot at people if you see them. Ask them for a free trip home after they blow up your cruiser, or whatever you bring out there.

And then do it again, and again, until you just don’t care anymore. Maybe you’ll find an empty gate that you can camp. You can drink a few beers while the frigates and shuttles warp past you, but you may find a sucker waiting to be shot at.

If you haven’t tried it yet, scan down a dangerous and scary wormhole and jump in there. Take some screenshots. Hit d-scan once in a while if you feel like it.

I’m thinking about flying around Jita with some plex in my cargo, just so someone else can have a good day. I mean wth, if you catch me you earned it right?

The “fun” part is getting away with it.

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Why not have a reverse week null becomes high sec, high sec null

Yeah, that would be pretty amazing if the goal were to render the game unplayable instead of just having a fun little holiday event.

We could shoot confetti instead of ammo have peace :v: everywhere it would be a SPACE WOODSTOCK

Free love :heart:

might want to stop tasting ya drug samples :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’re already in the 5th consecutive ‘peace-year’. Count your lucky stars it lasted so long given how badly it’s effected the game…

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Does anyone else think it’s funny that there’s some wannabe standing on a soap box,
while hiding his face to make sure no one sees him because he’s scared shitless? :slight_smile:

What a ■■■■■■■ wannabe. lol

This game is stacked heavily in the favor of aggressive play style only. This event shows how little CCP and the Dev care about nonaggressive play style. This event is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.

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Hundreds of pve events.

The first ccp sponsored pvp event literally ever.
Omg why does ccp hate pve players! I’m quitting!

K bye.


This is all you have to say to suggestions that not fit into your strange aganda right…?

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In the good tradition of Eve where wannabees are helped by experienced players : Could you please share your fit? Could you please inform me on what you are standing? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I bet he will not believe you…it’s not the first time someone like you try to convince him that you are not me…he sees forum alts of me everywher and nothing you say will convince him otherwise…

As i said i am DEEP in his head haunting your dreams…

It’s sad but funny…

He is SURE opinions like ours are sole and NOBODY beside me has it…

MyLoudVoice needs to be ganked.

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