Warning : incoming one week of 100% player loot

I case some of you don’t know yet, confirmed on the eve vegas stream that the “pvp event” presented on this page

from 11:00 UTC on 29 October to 11:00 UTC on 5 November

is a 100% loot rate of all player kills.

Which basically means that it double the value of your cargo / ship for a ganker, compares to before.

Deal how you want with it.

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So place speculative investments into Catalysts? Got it. Message received. :+1:

or coercer ?

100% includes gankship modules. So you can expect full damage incoming, gankers can recover all the modules.

So can others …

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But will plex drop from plex vault?

I was thinking more coercer. I’m not convinced that catalysts killing miners is always for profit, but the tornados popping industrials on the other hand…

Simple - I am not undocking during that time, may not even log in.

Enjoy the event!


Well there are supposed to be login rewards too, so you might as well get those.

Invest into ninja looting alts

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not working.

Yup, apparently the only thing dropping at 100% is CCP’s coding skills atm.

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nope, it’s working. Just, all the additional loot is placed inside a citadel.

i like

2.3m t1 fit - 43 km range, alfa 1000hp

This event just a piece of ballshit

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With all these stupid killmails coming through due to these really silly not thought of properly event.

I feel CCP should change this event so that it is more of a trick or treat event, in a way that you either get 100% loot drop (Treat) or 0% loot drop (Trick) this has just been the worse event I have seen in my years of EVE playing since 2010 and I’m disappointed with the way people have abused it.


It was never going to be anything more than an opportunity for some to pad killboards by killing friends or alts who load up with anything worth more than T1 ammo.

A REAL trick or treat event would have been - 100% drop, treat - O drop, trick. It might have at least made these types think twice.
Like most things Eve - Balance and fun game play is a secondary consideration.,.

Well I hope I do not see this event next year in the same format CCPlease PLEASE if you want to go with this Halloween event next year make it so it’s 100% loot drop with the same exact chance of getting 0%

I cant stand the way you are actually allowing people to make their characters get to the top of the boards through fake kills just because they can do it as you have made it easy for them to make a mockery of he event you’ve set up.

Just makes me so sad that this is still going on and people are still climbing the boards making themselves look really good when clearly they not up to the hard work of actually making their killboard look good through actual PVP