PSA: Apparently suicide ganking ships don't drop 100% of their modules!


Apparently it doesn’t work at all?

Oh wow I can’t actually ping CCP Falcon. He’s not in my list.

Apparently it’s not live yet, for reasons.


Ive been wondering about this. All kills on are still showing only partial loot drops.

Trick or Treat

This Halloween it definitely pays to undock and go on a spine-chilling rampage as you can get 100% module and cargo drops from any player-owned ship that you destroy in New Eden from 11:00 UTC on 30 October to 11:00 UTC on 6 November!

Looks like it only counts PvP kills, not Concord kills. Case closed, everyone.

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You realise the killmail linked in the op is a pvp kill…

Look again. And look again at the kill mails on

Then I point you to the


It doesn’t look like it’s 11:00 UTC yet, so…

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Even CCP Rise was confused I bet when the reports started rolling in…

To be honest I thought the event started on the 29th not the 30th. Maybe I read that wrong somewhere but that makes sense as it isn’t even after downtime on October 30th which is when the update would go live activating the event…The other part about mentioning concord kills are not counted as player kills makes sense too.

It’s Trick or Treat, I guess this time we got tricked and tomorrow we get treated.

So at one point it was meant to start on 29th. But that’s changed? It’s been delayed a day?

Here we go. Announced earlier today.


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