Hi Sec just got a lot more dangerous, be warned


During the event, PVP kills can be expected to drop loot at an increased rate, averaging at 90%! Carve out your harvest from the wrecks of your targets, which will be marked with a special pumpkin icon , but beware in your prowl for treats – you may very well become someone else’s!

A quick confirmation on zKillboard latest kills shows that almost everything is dropping from a kill.

So the threshhold for making a gank worthwhile in hi sec just got much lower. The gankers will be foaming at the mouth like packs of rabid dogs.

Maybe pack away that 4BN Gila until the event ends (not that I have one anyway)

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Is it just me or does that post not make sense? I’m aware my comprehension may be diminished due to the fact that I’m new and English being second language and I may not understand how it all works but…

How can a gank’s threshold get much lower when the drops increased by almost 90?

If you are deciding whether to gank based on expected return from killing the ship, the return will be higher with enhanced loot drops, therefore making it profitable to gank more targets during the event.

For example: Golem with 1bn fit will drop around 500m normally, and around 900m during the event. So, if your expected gank cost is 600m it would not be sensible to gank.for profit before, whereas now it would be.


You can scan a ship can’t you?

Ship Scanner module :slight_smile:

Of course. You’d do that as standard, to determine what the drop amount would be.

Does the pilot get a warning notice they’ve been scanned, aside from being locked?

Typically you’d use a passive targeter if you’re being clever, so no lock warning.

If you are zoomed in on the ship, you get an audio notification of a ship scan. But that’s about it.

Perhaps there should be a message.

The expected payout value of a gank went up from 50% to 90%, that’s almost twice the payout.

This means that it’s much more profitable now to suicide gank people and also means that some ganks that were not profitable at 50% drops are profitable now.

In other words, be careful how much value you carry as it is about twice as tempting for people to suicide gank your ship.

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Someone never got the message. Uedama is going to busy tonight

hmmm maybe ill undock and kill something then, hmm maybe not.

Why? If you see a random starter-corp character in a T1 frigate loitering on an undock or gate, you should be aware of what they’re doing. Or just assume that you will be scanned and act accordingly. Or use the systems in the game to give you warning.

If every time you are at risk in Eve you get a popup warning you, you’re gonna be clicking a lot of popups

A message in the message log. not a popup dialog.

Not everybody uses audio.

There are audio and visual clues if you pay attention.

Personally I just assume people know my cargo.

I understood that part.
So how would “the threshold get much lower” as stated in OP?

There is also a message log. Some people have that open to see what actions are taking place.

Not all messages are popup’s, but they ARE logged. (Example, damage messages).

Better to have fewer things in the logs, as these are easily scriptable / bottable.

So you want to remove message logging?

Let’s say your ship would drop 200 million in value when ganked. And it takes 250 million worth of gank ships to kill you. Unprofitable, as the threshold would be 200 million worth of gank ships and to kill you would require more than that.

Loot going up from 50% to 90% means a 80% increase in payout. 200 million payout becomes 360 million payout. In other words, those 250 million worth of gank ships can now profitably gank you.

Previously they might have ignored you (if they were purely looking for profitable ganks), but now you’re a target in the scenario above.

It’s become much easier to profitable gank people because of this change.