Dear CCP_Santa_Claus All I want for Christmas is

Here is my Chrimbo wish list.

  1. Faction Missile Guidance Enhancers
  2. Faction Missile Guidance Computers
  3. Dead Space Missile Guidance Enhancers
  4. Dead Space Missile Guidance Computers
  5. Officer Missile Guidance Enhancers
  6. Officer Missile Guidance Computers
  7. Medium Tractor Beams
  8. Large Tractor Beams
  9. Medium Sentry Drones
    10)Light Sentry Drones

Pick something from it to make me a happy cappy.
Thanks Luv you Santa.


i would settle for a published plan of where EVE is heading in the next year that answers questions like WHY
but in a purely materialistic mode i would like a titan skillbook, any race

  • Filled out Trig ship line
  • Shield Logi Battleship (Like the Nestor, but for shields)
  • Abyssals for more stuff so I can make cheap faction and dead space alternatives
  • Remove the restriction on forum likes
  • CCP does a better job explaining why they’re doing things in their dev blogs
  • Some way to deal with the timer creep of cerebral accelerators
  • hotkeys for everything, but the one I want to see most is for ammo. Like, I want an ammo quickbar, and then I can just press 1-8 to select the ammo that I want to reload with.
  • Crystal damage tooltips, so I don’t have to load crystals in guns to see their damage.
  • A better skill window
  • the ability to remove the NES button from the Neocom
  • Fireworks that explode in a huge middle finger (yes, I have a juvenile sense of humor. Yes, I made myself laugh out loud thinking about this).
  • Friendly fire option for fleets
  • the ability to booby trap wrecks
  • Suspect flag for using type-c crystals in HS
  • Loosened war deck restrictions
  • Never going to happen, but WiS brought back, with the ability to customize my space with lore trinkets, other decorations, and a corpse garden.
  • Frequent plex sales (to keep the market price of plex down)
  • More audio cues (like for module about to heat, or bastion about to cycle)

I reckon that’s enough for now. Especially considering how unlikely most of this stuff is.

I just want a stocking full of vexors.


  1. A Marshal

  2. A Stratios

  3. A Nestor

  4. A Skin for Said marshal

  5. A Skin for Said Stratios


  7. 100m Worth of primo fireworks

  8. 99 Janitors for the party that will be hosted with said fireworks

  9. Im a wormholer so everything to build a carrier being i cant just fly one into a C4
    Carrier is for the party, duh

  10. 1B isk to support my hypernet tickets

hope thats not too much Santa

Career Agents that aren’t garbage. You should be embarrassed by the state they are in.

1/10 and 2/10 DED complexes to be given as escalations from Burrows.

Level 1, 2 and 3 Epic Arcs for every faction.

A complete rework (or removal) of the COSMOS agents, perhaps rolling them into the new Epic Arcs.

-100 PG for Gilas.

ALL faction and pirate ships to go Omega only.

ALL faction, deadspace, storyline and officer modules to go Omega only.

Removal of all Supercapitals. No Titans. No Supercarriers. No Rorquals.

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All I want for Christmas is:

12 Drummers drumming
11 Pipers piping
10 Lords a-leaping
9 Ladies dancing
8 Maids a-milking
7 Swans a-swimming
6 Geese a-laying
5 Golden rings
4 Calling birds
3 French hens
2 Turtle doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree… OH, and also a fully-fitted Machariel with SKIN, please, thank you.

All I want is to be able to actually walk in stations again* or even if possible pew pew with people in the stations/planets with an updated Dust version (that works with PC this time ffs).



Anti missile lasers…

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