HS locked in a mindless loop of "Curious" BPC's with no way out

Is this event supposed to bring in new players from Whoville? If so, why is HS locked in a mindless loop of “Curious” bpc’s with no way out? Yes, one could reward null corp stoogies by buying the higher filaments to progress, but is this the message we want to send to new players? Couldn’t we have had a nice newb experience without showing them the mind-numbing reality that is EVE Online? Can’t CCP pretend EVE Online is still a true sandbox experience just long enough to fool guests?

Basically, I’m posting this to let CCP know that I lost interest in their event. Maybe if others let them know the same and why it didn’t work for them, CCP might get a clue for next time.


The filament loop is supposed to be one where explo loot → curious filament mats → curious loot → higher tier explo / combat bpc mats → higher tier filaments → repeat.

However, mat drop rarity is creating supply constraints on filament creation. You have to do a fair number of explo sites to get mats for a single curious filament. Similarly, it requires a bunch of curious sites to get mats for the next tier filaments. Prices in the market reflect that.

It’s not motivating to spend multiple hours doing explo / curious filaments and still not have discovered enough mats to be able to craft a single higher tier filament.

Fundamentally, I don’t think an event where taking filaments is the encouraged activity should end up with filament creation itself being such a large bottleneck to that activity.


Are you sure the loop was not designed so that the material dropping from the lower tier sites is needed to build the higher tier filaments, there by ensuring that people unable to run the higher tier sites can still make isk by selling the materials to those who wish to only run the higher tiers?

Having run into the same issue, this is how it looks to me.

Whether it is a good design I’m not sure.

I’m assuming that this event should be new player friendly. Based upon that, I believe 1) it should be straightforward to make steady progress on the tracker in HS, 2) it exposes eve in a good light to newer pilots, 3) it should be financially rewarding to actually do the filaments, and 4) the lower tier activities should be easily accomplishable by low experience/sp pilots,

I can’t really comment on the overall difficulty because the characters that I’ve used to try the event aren’t alpha. However, here’s what I see after doing the event for two days (several hours each day) in high sec.

Filament creation: I have gathered enough mats to do a number of curious sites and 0 higher tier sites. in the curious sites, I’ve obtained 2 higher tier filaments (both explo) but not enough mats to manufacture either.

Because of the above, two tracker elements are currently blocked:

  1. kill 1 Dalek – the very first combat activity
  2. manufacture 1 T2 filament

The only way to make progress on these two tracks right now would be to continue to do the explo site → curious site loop and hope I finally get the BPCs/mats I need or to buy stuff from the market.

Let’s see:
a T1 combat (precarious) filament goes for 14+M in jita.
X-37 (needed for T1 filament creation) goes for 1.2M+ in jita
Y-73 (needed for T2 filament creation) goes for 400+K in Amarr

A new player would need to told that they should go to the market hubs for the best prices.

in terms of exposing eve, I’ve seen the following:

  1. explo – a lot
  2. industry – curious sites filaments only
  3. market – sell / buy – some
  4. combat – none

I guess the event does an okay job exposing bottlenecks to a newer player, but it doesn’t do a good job of getting them easy access to all the activities. It does assume that they’ve pretty much done all the tutorials, but that’s not an unreasonable expectation.

Where things are, the T1 combat sites have a financial hurdle for little actual reward. You have to learn how to fit / fly a cruiser (the abyssal suggestions don’t actually look like the best fits), buy a ship, and grind for the first T1 combat filament to actually access the easy filament.

The majority of the rewards right now reside in the market prices for filaments and the bottleneck mats. They’re orders of magnitude higher than the NPC buy prices. As a result, you can make more isk putting up buy/sell orders for filaments and mats than actually doing the filaments themselves.

What’s the end result of this?

  1. It’s a grind to create filaments.
  2. It’s faster to buy/sell filaments than actually build/run the filaments
  3. Progress on the event tracker can get easily stalled

If the goal was to show the power of the EVE market, then it’s a big success. If the goal was to show how grindy you can be in EVE, it shows that as well. If the goal was to get everyone to participate in all the event activities, I don’t think it does a great job doing that. In fact, it actively puts significant hurdles on some of the activities (higher tier filament creation and T1 combat) that you have to do to complete tracker events.

For me, a good event is one where I want to complete each of the tasks even after I’ve collected all the rewards. I don’t see myself doing that for this event.


The grind is absolutely obnoxious. I’m actually burned out of this event already and I’m ready to just quit. I haven’t been able to find enough materials to build more than 1 tier 1 combat filament/tier 2 exploration filament.

I’m about done with this…

They should expand on the Dr Who character, making it a space agent, in a way that it could add a little pvp healthy contesting event, and break the loop, which is more of a spiral to me, or concentric circles.

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