This event is stupid and tedious

i’ve run 38 relic sites, and a curious filament site without a single shiny for a few hours work. profit of about 13 mill.

unless drop rate is fixed, its not worth it. it’s tedious and stupid.

the envrionment in dr who space is cool looking but thats it.

i do not need the skins this badly to get this little in rewards. normal data and relic sites have better odds than this crap.


You know its meant for newbros right?


It is but it is not very newbro friendly tbh.
Rewards are low, and the path is extremely tedious and unrewarding. As a newbro i definitely wouldnt want to do this


regular relic sites seem to spawn faster than the event ones and seem to be much more lucrative. Why do the event at all with such low rewards?

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The sites has escalating rewards I believe. Its like the abyss so there is a tier system. Right now everything is t1 and as you acquire the materials to build the filaments you’ll progress to the t2, t3 and t4 where the rewards will be better

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The rewards in tier 0 (kspace) and tier 1 should still be comparable with other newbie activities. It should, also, not be tedious – we can all agree on that at least.


I remember the brain crush that learning scanning was, getting past the random button pushing I did on my first hacking attempts, and try to remember the first time you double clicked on a blue print. The new folks who make it through this event will be formidable.

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Iam not sure but its seems they even lowered the drop rate after last downtime :smiley:

The drop rates for components are indeed too low. It is making an event that was supposed to showcase Eve to possible new players into something extremely tedious and frustrating. Endless loops of the same sites, with the slowest progression I have ever seen.

Don’t worry. I’m sure that in the next event, you’ll be able to jump in your rattlesnake/tengu/vargur to mindlessly shoot npcs and hoover up those lovely iskies…

I have to say, this event reminds me of the “build-the-tank” events in War Thunder, wherein you fight battles to win random parts and pieces in the hope of getting the random ultra-rare blueprint or tank hull to assemble the entire vehicle. It takes days, even perhaps the entire length of the event to get all the parts, or players just throw up their hands in frustration and drop real money in order to buy the last few parts…or even more real money on the entire vehicle.

The fact that there’s a Dr. Who pack that appears to be selling similar “prizes” from this event leaves me concerned.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent the last few days (albeit in high-sec, yes, wherein the drop rates are likely much lower than low-sec and null-sec) trying to find the few materials that I need to even build a Tier 1 “Precarious” combat filament or an “Enigmatic” tier 2 exploration filament and I have yet to find enough to regularly construct them. I’ve successfully managed to build only one Enigmatic filament since this event began (specifically I’m short the Y-79 material)…and now I’m back to square one to complete the Challenge of building a Precarious filament because I’m literally missing 1 Y-79 material element and I’ve spent hours today trying to get 1 of them…just 1…)

The amount of effort that you need to sink into this is obnoxious. Days on end are burned and I honestly feel burned out merely 3 days into this event, having spent all my time doing exploration because I have yet to find enough materials to build even a Tier 1 Precarious combat filament.

I have spent each day jumping from system to system in hopes of finding the scandowns (and then getting insulted by finding nothing but wormholes). Upon finding the rare Warp Convergence scandowns, you barely get enough materials to slap together a Curious filament and maybe an Enigmatic, except there’s one or two components that are ultra-rare. I’ve stared at my cargo and my Industry tab hoping to have enough after each run, all with one component short just 1 particular random material that it feels almost like surrendering to go to the market to pay whatever jacked-up price is for the last few materials.

This feels like such a tedious frustrating grind that even Mr. Tarquin Smith from Clear Skies might abandon this project.

That and the only reward of value I’ve found is the one cerebral accelerator that happened to drop in a Curious site. If I wanted to stockpile salvage, I’d fly Level 4 missions.

I took time off flying daily incursions for this, and given that I’ve not made more than maybe 1M ISK off what I’ve sold or traded, I’d say I’m losing out on potential profit, especially considering these boosters have expiration dates and the SKINs are for ships I don’t fly.


Please don’t speak for others, especially when the only thing you have to share is your hate and toxicity.
I made a really huge amount of money during this event without even trying to make money at all …
The event was very new player friendly, the only real requirement was doing exploration tutorial missions from career agents and read, if that’s a problem for you, well it’s not for most people.
So basically, “amazing, everything word of what you just said was wrong”

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Hahahahaha what,
Please explain to me where the ■■■■ you get hate and toxicity from my post :laughing:
Please do share what drugs you are on, as I would like to acquire some of these :joy:

I started off thinking Dr Who has nothing to do with Eve. Then I reminded myself that it’s a game and the game makers need to eat and gas up too.

It turns out that this was a fantastic boot camp for scanning and hacking. And I made some isk too.

And in game lore? We have no idea what these stupid flying trash cans were. “Exterminate!” my arse. Here, have some heavy missiles up yours.

This event is not newbro at all, ive seen newbros warp in and get popped. How can a newbro complete these when im in a marauder and have every site stolen by a 5 man multi boxing gang bang. They litterally have no chance in the combat site at least.

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They can still try stealing the boss loot in free rookie corvettes though. :wink:

Edit: Actually that is how my thief alt began its career with the first Gala event (if I recall correctly that was the first one).

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