The XXI event makes me big sad

For real.

How is it these relics and combat sites are not only too hard for their loot value, the drop rate on thread is next to nothing now.


The game’s reward : time ratio gets worse as time goes by.

Doesn’t matter if it’s events, mining, ratting, mission running, exploring… It’s all garbage returns.

Just an observation from a 15 year player.

It’s never been worse than these last 2 years.


the cognitive dissonance involved complaining about low value of an item in a supply an demand market and the complaining about adjustments to supply that will fix the value…


Ive been playing for 20… I know ha ha. Honestly, no event would be preferred over a bad event. Just add the skins to AIR rewards. Boom. Done.

the cognitive dissonance involved complaining about low value of an item in a supply an demand market and the complaining about adjustments to supply that will fix the value

I feel like the muh freemarket argument really only sticks for commodities with permanence.

This is an event at the end of the day, and these items could have no market value if they ultimately made the event “Battlepass” progress; the fact remains that progress sucks because drops that progress the event suck.

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“Interesting” loot table. I lost track of the number of sites not dropping any of the mats at all. Haven’t seen any of the goodies reported by others yet.
The hardest sites to find in nullsec ? The treacherous collapsed one … haven’t seen one in two days, covering 75% of all systems in the region …

While it’s a more interesting event design, it also takes the pace out of the progress in its current shape. And it doesn’t help to get a list of 3 tasks of 5 points each. Extremely time consuming event, to say the least if you’re not willing to spend tons of isk in hisec markets.


My main complaint is my RSI started acting up again cause I was speed-clicking through the hacking sites. How are they hard?!? And why are the hacking filaments so much more common (and time/click-consuming) than the combat ones?

Big issue I have with the event in nullsec, I have found, not one of the K space things.

And the combat sites with filmanents above the sinister seem way too hard.

Its a event all players are expected to do, frequency needs to be x10-100

So the hacking line I have not been able to do because no scannable sites have been found in a dozen systems, the combat one one of my chars is stuck on needing to take down defence tower in site that is too hard.

The what gives you points needs to not able locked so you can do any of the things and not get stuck

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Gonna repost my reply from another thread about this Event…

Gotta say I’m working very hard to keep an open mind about this event.

So far I haven’t progressed very much on Agency points while doing the Exploration Hacking side of it. After a while you can’t even proceed unless you buy and sell some Event items. Then in order to advance any further you have to use a specific type of filament. Not to mention being stuck with trying to manufacture a specific type of filament.

Currently I’ve spent more Isk than I’ve made on trying to do this Event and quite frankly, I don’t like the idea of having to enter Abyssal space just to continue it.

What really bugs me the most is how scripted this Event is, especially since this is suppose to be a sand box game.

Anyway… that’s my impression of this Event so far.

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Wait, the relic sites were hard?

I think i must have failed like 2 hacks out of all the sites i ran

The loot however was pretty bad so i’ll give you that, i’ve also voiced my opinions on there not being a standard repeatable track for just hacking the sites, trying to find the desolates gets annoying

Follow up I have never found any of the scannable k space aka regular regular sites. in a dozen systems I found in one system 2 sites for fighting NPCS, but again… need scan one.

The only reason I was able to start progress on it was because I used a filament to get to the hacking site then that started options for manufacturing.

So doing filaments for combat sites and manufacturing can get you progress pretty fast but the tower one, that is actually hard.

I did find a vexor fit that can do them but still need to have that fit and check a guide. For doing a basic mission of destroying tower, way too hard, especially with all kinds of restrictions on sites and being a basic thing needed to progress on event.

The filament aspect of this event IS the only part that saves it because player population makes sites nonexistent and might not have existed much period, if you expect decent number of people to do event.

Main critique is that it seems things can be locked behind an impossible/hard task (find a scannable site, I have scanned like 10+ non-event sites to try and find event site and even multiple hacking sites that are non-event) or a hard task, you should get points for doing any of the tasks all the time not just some of the time in a specific order.

Filaments can be a goodish mechanic for these events (you need x100 spawning of sites otherwise) but let people get progress and use them from getgo, the mission of scan a site should be scan or use filament.

And you have min maxers complaining about rewards, I just want to do the event in reasonable amount of time and effort.