Worst event ever

What a garbage event this is. After 20 years and all the other missed events this is what they give us the payouts are sh*t it costs more for ammo to do the combat missions than the payout in null… and whats with all the boosters more that anyone could ever use biggest event all year and only 16000 players on on prime time what a joke this game is turning into


I have been a player since 2003 at the end of beta, and have been playing on and off for 20 YEARS !!!
5 Accounts and NEVER EVER plex’d I have always paid for my accounts. Mind your 5x current cost per month 20 years.
My WIFE would kill me if she only knew.
I have been so disappointed in this game because of the cost and time and the policy’s of CCP , You cannot mine and build ships, the cost of building is thru the roof, and CCP has added more and more item’s that are almost impossible to get and if you want to build a capital its out of the question. And the 20 years celebration?
16k players on is a indication its dying…
Put the game back the way it was in 2016 and let players make tons of isk so we can have fun. WHAT ARE YOU thinking!!!
Game is not fun and you cannot use CAPS or build them.
Shame on you!

PS: my main is Evildoomer


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