Guardian Gala

Well where to begin.

Maybe with apologies for my poor grammar that you may have to read lol.

So up until this event i have been enthusiastic awaiting these little side games if you will for skins and fireworks and other cool stuff, so when i heard Guardian Gala was returning i was a keen little puppy dog wetting himself in anticipation of my treat only to have you place a piece of lettuce in front of me.

Needless to say i am disappointed nah disgusted with this event. Nearly 500 mil isk i have put in just on VIP sites claiming tickets and i have received in return less than 100 mil worth of boosters overseers tier 8 crap and some crappy crap skins that have already floody the market !! Why are you making me pay isk to do this ??? The events are supposed to be something exciting for the player base to get into other than shooting rats and wondering how long before Fraternity will overrun this server.

To top all this off try finding a site !! the spawn rate is woeful admittedly this is from a Nullsec point of view.

May i suggest

  • Abolish pay to receive crate this is ridiculous should not be handing over Isk to gamble on a reward.

  • Changle loot table to so you do not put 2 bil on grid to kill a carrier that takes 20 min only to receive 600k booster for you effort i mean come on seriously !!

  • Boost the spawn rate a little jeez

  • Add a noob friendly tier (highsec only)

  • Put a holy grail item in there you know something to be excited about the chance of getting if you farm sites enough.

I like the idea of carriers in VIP sites but when you risk the big biscuits in Nullsec you should get the rewards.

This event is a long way from hitting the fun mark and much closer to the stupid are you kidding me wtf is this $#&@ mark

“I also recommend that you consider highlighting your concerns to the CSM” GM Telarusch ( I took the GMs advice )

Is there any hope of a fix ?


A solid rant, all valid points I may add, might I direct you to this thread --> Event Feedback - Guardian's Gala 2019

I was STOked to to return to eve after more then a year of absence, and then this pile of hot BS ccpgames served me.

Needless to say I’ll keep put my money in other companies, not a lot nowadays, that still value customers.

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