Second time being blown up by much better ships

Each and every help can and will be used by Vets, too. There’s no secure Lowsec, of course.

Soloing EVE is the hard way. And it’s a choice. To play EVE solo is not easy, especially as a new player, your tales are just another proof.
There is ways to play, but it’s a hard way to learn. And keep in mind there’s always someone who’s smarter and better than you and me around. If local chat is empty in Low or Null, it’s at least made sure that toon is not in the same system.

But that lesson is easy: When all belts are empty and local isn’t, get out of there quickly.

play the game for 2000 hours and farm enough money and exp

I think what may help is to reflect, that EvE is in most parts not a game to just brain off relax, but suited for players seeking a challenge to solve. Which challenge to choose is up to you.

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haha I just love that everyone knows the system is bad and they never say it because I don’t know.

just like high-end pvp in destiny 2 where you get special rewards for getting 7 wins in a row. But if there is fair matchmaking you will never get 7 wins in a row. So the whole system is built upon bad players being matched against good players so that the good players can get to 7 wins in a row.
The good players know it is a broken and bad system but they can’t admit it because it would mean they are no god-kings of PVP anymore who get 7 wins in a row.

and i already laid out the advice. Stay in high sec until you played enough to afford the best ships or join a corporation so you can go around as a fleet. because anybody you will encounter in this game has the best ship to ■■■■ you up

more time played = bigger ship = you win

or join a corporation because that gives you a big ship indirectly

Wrong, bigger ship dies to multiple smaller ships, or one special fit smaller ship. EvE is build on rock/paper/scissor mechanic. Everything has a counter. Get to know how is one challenge you can pursue.


its definitely not broken. It just doesn’t behave the way people generally expect it to and therefore it requires adjustment.

well thats about the worst the advice you could give anybody.

Im not going to force advice or observations onto you because its clear that the conspiracy theory that the deck is rigged is already ingrained. And not just in eve it seems. Safe to say the most fun i have had in this game is in ships that cost less than 5mill. Its a myth that you need to fly big to progress.


Or join a corporation that is prepared to spend time working with you and teach you how to maximise your profits and stay safe. Not all corps do that though. Some just want numbers. Others will point you towards bad activities just to pad their taxes etc.

Finding the right people to fly with can really improve your eve experience.


OP, since you are still here, that means you are willing to possibly still learn. Check out the corp, EVE University, or another one called Brave Newbies. Those two work to teach the true fundamentals of EVE online to all new players, and even vets can join and learn as well.

there is no “progression” path in EVE. you truly make this game how you want to make it. you can join the crowd that goes after other players that are mining or just happen to be in the wrong space, or you can fight against those same players…

CCP does too actually… If you go to any starter system, or career agent staging system, you are highly discouraged from attacking actual new players. and if reported can lead to loss of account.

Other than the SOE arc trail, career agent systems, and the tutorial area, all other areas of space is fair game to be engaged in PVP. Hisec has consequences in the form of CONCORD, low sec, null and WH each have their own nuances of how to be safe or dangerous flying through those regions.

more money and more SP does not mean someone is going to be the best in the game. skill at playing the game, and learning the mechanics… a 20 day newb could easily take down a 14 year vet in the game…

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that was figuratively speaking. bigger ship meant better ships with better modules which are expensive.

having multiple ships works the same as having a better ship

yea if you go destroyer against shuttle but if the veteran player takes his pvp ship to hunt noobs no noob will beat him .

this is just ■■■■■■■■ thrown around to make it seem nicer. Just like the “the rules are fair. You left the station so your fault that you get killed”

perfect indications for elitist society. Putting the blame on the noob.

I think ive been pretty clear that ive putting the blame on your corp.

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Better modules are only good if you know how to use them. A T1 warp scrambler can be very deadly - and it’s really cheap.
The art of orchestrating your tools, that’s what kills ships.
2.93 b ISK loss to about 200m ISK attackers. ISK won’t save you.

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I just love the fact that someone is multiboxing a load of alts named after porn stars.


Lol… That is not true in EVE at all. Bigger is not better. Knowledge of the game is what makes better.

I have soloed players in battleships with a frigate which a noob could be equivalent SP wise as my toon relatively quickly. And I am not alone. There was a guy in my corp that all he did every day was roam solo in frigates taking out things way heavier than him. He died a lot at first, but after he perfected his fit and strategy he had a high win rate. I used to joke to him that he should try to solo a dread in a frigate lol. (not possible I know due to shield regen)

The level V cap on a skill is the same for a vet as a noob. So a noob that focuses can be quickly have the “SP” skills that a vet may have in a given ship. The difference is that the vet knows mechanics/situational awareness better and has more variety.

A noob that learns to fight on their own terms and pick their battles while focusing their training, can be just as good as a vet in a short time.

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Maybe he roleplays capsuleers coming from Gallente backgrounds. :wink:

these are fairy tales against players that either are afk or do not have a combat fit.

Sure if you fly around long enough you come across a player that is so bad he does not know how to click “shoot weapon”

you say one should know how to pick fights which is just what i said. No beginner ship is going to hold up against a vet in their pvp ship. Sure when they fly around in a shitty frigate or hauler you can get them but not if they go out to hunt players in low sec.

and how am I supposed to “not pick a fight” if two ships jump in and lock me down before the warp goes off?

It is not like I saw these two cruisers in my procure and thought it is a good idea to attack them.

So as a noob you can not do that kind of stuff because there are so many players around with so much better ships that they can just nuke you. The right play is to not go into lowsec because the only safety is having a good enough ship that can hold up against vets which means you have to be a vet yourself.

sure I could outfit a destroyer to fight other players but the vets would not go after a ship they cant defeat.

and just as a difference to other games. Failure means you gotta retry but there is a reason why every game has save systems and in PVP it is often a time punishment for losing not destroying your gear completely that you grinded for days. In games that do that the time spawn to reacquire lost gear is usually much lower.

where is the attacker ship? and 200m is not really noob level. also those are ■■■■■■■ 10 against one

and what even is the point of this? if you outfit a ship special designed to take out a type of player ship you can win?water is wet

just surprised why any of my ships can not survive against such players, especially mining or exploration ships

I just want to show you that even if you fly the best ship you can imagine, you will lose. In EVE, you lose your ship frequently.
Get used to that and learn to survive.


See this bit here. That is why many of us LOVE Eve. This is what makes eve unique. That loss is meaningful. Its not like other games where you die and just respawn with some damage to your gear that you have to repair. Losing a ship means something. Therefore decisions are meaningful, choices have consequences and things can really hurt.

This is Eve. If you are really oppossed to this then there is nothing that I or anyone alse can say that will talk you round. You have expectations and Eve doesnt meet those expectations. Sometimes a game just isnt what we need it to e and there is nothing wrong with that.

But at least then do us the courtesy of not telling us how bad the game we love is just because its not a game for you :slight_smile: