The Pirate Story Thread Reloaded

(Dom Arkaral) #1

Since I can, I’m stealing the old thread from CCP Spitfire (muahahahah)
Hopefully it gets pinned :thumbsupparrot:

(HoleySheet1) #2

Elements of the dead old forums need to stay there. They diseased the entire community and made the typical eve player look bad. Good riddance to garbage…don’t resurrect any of its shambling limbs…This is a comment, not a reply.

(ISD Max Trix) #3
  1. Use of kill reports & chatlogs to troll & flame is prohibited.

Pilots are permitted to post chatlogs and kill reports on the EVE Online forums if it adds to and is relevant to ongoing discussion, however this may not be done to flame, troll, insult, shame or bait other corporations other pilots.

You can post chat logs now. not just the Pirate Story thread.

(Dom Arkaral) #4

oh sweet :smiley:

(Temmet Vuld) #6

I was having some 1v1 fun with an enemy militia capsuleer and lost twice. After chatting a while, he said, bring, whatever you want. I knwe the perfect counter to his setup, so I warped to the location he gave me and the fight started. I was sure to win, he was in structure with his Firetail and I had still lots of armor left in my Thrasher… but suddenly he stopped taking damage. We were still tackling each other and he stopped shooting at me as well. After nothing happened for some seconds, we loosened our grip on each other and he said: “You would have won this time, you had me.” I replied: " I know, but I’ve burnt my guns =(". We had a laugh and both went our ways.

(Tengu Grib) #7

You don’t like anything fun. Spoil sport.

(HoleySheet1) #8

The old forums need to be forgotten…we can think up new stuff…we are sentient beings capable of free will and thought. Eve needs a change…the alphas were scared off by skill gaps and older toons who preyed on them.

Numbers are pre-alpha.

(Dom Arkaral) #9

copypasta much?
get out of my thread if you don’t plan on contributing in any other way than crying about the old forums…

(HoleySheet1) #10

your old content was killing eve…thoughtless garbage/…and I’m surprised warner bros didn’t jump on ccp for their use of their material. cry to someone who cares about you…your mom might?

All I see is anger and tears son.

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(yellow parasol) #12

wow, where is THAT from?

(HoleySheet1) #13

code flunky…troll thing

weak…have you calmed down yet? I’m still too mirthful to sleep. It’s gonna be light soon you dummy…thanks foir being such a raging little salt spreader. I figured if you were gonna play your stupid game with me again I would be prepared.

Thank you for the opportunity…HS1- a pirate you can admire

(Lienhart Cousland) #14

The important thing though, is we have thumbs!

(Dom Arkaral) #17

just ignore him :slight_smile:

(yellow parasol) #18

okay. :slight_smile:

(CCP Falcon) #20

Yeah, this one’s getting locked too.

Try to keep it on topic guys. This thread is no longer needed given the changes in the rules.

(CCP Falcon) #21