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Last time i played they added the T3 Destroyers… So it has been a minute. Back then my Corp gave my a high SP Blops Pilot to use. Before i quit i gave it back. So i am back to my old nub of a character. I Noticed a lot has changed and am a bit lost as to what all has changed. Anything major i should know?

Though one question i do have is about PLEX. If i pickup around 200$ in plex how quickly would it sell if i sell it for around idk… 2.4mill. Pretty sure that is around the price i saw. I want to use said money from Plex to get myself a not so noob pilot. Something with Bombers, Ewar and T3 Cruisers as well as BLOPS if it is in my price range.

On the flip side i saw these SP injectors for sale. Would it be better to spend said 200$ on P2Wing SP?

Also is it possible to name change?


It would mean you’re blind and not paying attention.

The $250 bundle gives you 7430 PLEX.

Going off Jita prices:

Buy orders are around 2.68 million isk per unit of PLEX, not 2.4 million isk. That will net you between 19.9 billion ISK (buy orders or 20.8 billion ISK (sell orders), minus any isk cost incurred from Sales and Broker’s fees.

Even on the lower end at 19 billion isk, all four (bombers, ewar, T3Cs and Blops) will be easily affordable for you. (Blops may require you to invest in an alt for maximum utility.)

First off, it’s not pay2win, you will be better served to get this hilariously wrong idea out of your brain right now before it festers into a garbage mentality that cannot be saved later on.

Second, why not just drop the $200, get that 7,430 PLEX, sell it all for that 19 billion ISK, and then use 10 billion of it for Skill Injectors, and save the 9b remaining to buy the ships?

It’s possible to do both, you know.

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Your post kind of sounds like they gave you account and password for that blops pilot.

Surely they would not and that is not what he meant otherwise that means he just confessed to a bannable offense. I am sure they went through the proper process of character transfers as per CCP rules. Each paying the USD fee that goes along with it.

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Your speculation is as good as my speculation,
and it’s not uncommon for certain big groups to just share accounts when convinient.

There’s nothing wrong with just asking, you know?
No need to jump in and defend him based on a speculation.

yeah… :slight_smile: Must be early… i was going for a Sarci tone…

Anyway OP, also take into consideration with SP Injectors they do have diminishing returns the more you inject.

Up to 5 million skillpoints (500k / injector)
5 - 50 million skillpoints (400k / injector)
50 - 80 million skillpoints (300k / injector)
Over 80 million skillpoints (150k / injector)

There are some started packs that just add 250K SP directly to you char without the above impact.

You need to have a plan what you want to fly as the support skills required for many of the ships you want to use will cost you more than the amount of SP that plex is going to get you. I returned and used my isk I had to buff up this new char. I am not going to say how much it costed me in isk but it can be 100’s of billions if you want quick and easy options. When when staying at the Sub cap level.

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