Generic "what to do with my ISK" thread

Approx 10 Bill burning a hole in my pocket and a thirst for more, anybody fancy throwing out ideas on where / how to invsest my ISK ? i’ve been away from the game for about 4 years so i’m not upto snuff with recent market movements.

Get alts into CONDI or other CFC alliances and screw with 1DQ.

You can send to me, and I double it for you.

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Send me another 10bill and i’ll give you 20bill to double

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Invest in Fedos or a monocle. :face_with_monocle:

Actually fedos have some non-trivial value in EvE … are they used somewhere?

Token items to carry in your expensive wreck

Your killmail is worthless if you have no Fedo onboard and in such a case you should feel ashamed because #nopoors :stuck_out_tongue:

Use that isk, and send it to multiple isk doublers. Even if you get scammed, some of them are bound to be legit.

Yes I have plenty of alts, can send you a list, send an equal amount to them all and we’ll see how it goes, they all promise they will double your ISK or even triple if you so desire, some of them might be trustworthy… who knows. :thinking:

I vouch for him BTW, he is very trustworthy, so are his alts.

About as trustworthy as you.

Why, thank you. Yes, i am pretty trustworthy.

Zahara Cody is the only legit ISK doubler in this thread, you should send ISK to him

It’s your posts that bring me to this thread Sabriz and so i respect your referal, however i’ve got to decline this time around. Besides, think of all the Fedo’s i could buy with my billions.

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Yeah, I’m about to double my isk from 5 trillion to 10 trillion

You will still be far behind Aryth. I am pretty sure he is the richest person in EVE, but good luck catching up if that is your goal.

He’s richer than entity? I wonder if people tell that to Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. They must have a really difficult time handling the reality that their fortunes are not THE biggest fortune on Earth. What a sad and wasted life.

Sounds familiar.

Buy leopards and trit