Buy baby BUY!

So just wanted to say that came into lots of isk and thought about saving it…then said why?
So I can claim billionaire status, meh, instead I’ve been on a buying spree, BPC’s/BPO’s, ships, mods, skins, materials, etc, everything my heart desires, I don’t understand what is the prestige is of having isk vs having what I need to do things, spend your isk today!


Good sized isk buffers for ship replacement are wise to have if you do any manner of PVP. On a corp/alliance level, those isk buffers need to be much higher for SRP, financing for potential war, and structure management.


Agreed, It is always wise to save a bit but definitely spend and have fun.

And when you lose something you start to annoy your corp mates with your complaints how you cannot afford a new doctrine ship or how poor you are? No, thanks. Spend responsibly and always have lots of ISK in a secure alt wallet to never arrive in a situation where you pester corp members with your incompetence.


I have 23 M ISK, I can buy one cap I have on my mind.


I see an “and” where you seem to see a “versus”. Having ISK or assets does not exclude one another.

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Yup, after all it’s only game.

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A titan BPO is nice for generating a steady revenue stream. It will take some time to earn itself back.

Yes I seen someone peddling one BPC’s for 2 billion, sheesh, I peddle orca BPC’s but obviously much lower.

I also returned after 3 years but am actually enjoying playing again, so everyone is different. Reminds me of World of Warcraft with people who have stopped playing saying the game is dying. If you don’t want to play don’t but leave the rest of us alone.

If you want something, buy it, EVE life is potentially too short to worry about such things. By all means, keep an ISK buffer if your SERIOUS INTERNET SPACESHIP BUSINESS demands it, but just remember that you always have the option of opening that RL wallet at any time.

For the rest of you Scottish folk, keep being tighter than a duck’s arse, it’s in the blood.

Good policy.

Isk inflates/depreciates if it just sits in your wallet.
Keep a healthy reserve (for opportunity/emergency) ontop of your replacement costs, and spend the rest when market is good.

You can also consider getting into the loan business, thus making others work to make your money work for you.

■■■■, just realised this is a 2mnth necro…

I have around 130 billion worth of “stuff” last I checked and a few million liquid ISK.

Needless to say, I’m in full agreement with the OP.


For a few ISKs more…

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Two months is not a necro. It’s a coffee break.

In this game at least. Many times I’ve put in a bunch of build orders and then logged out for the month or two it took them to complete. Then came back and browsed through and responded in the threads I’d missed.

Kids these days. I’ve even seen a dev post saying not to necro on a thread less than a month old.


Auto-lock should be 2 weeks tbh.

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Swap waifu with eve and that’s me
Isk averse since 2009 :thinking: i should stop that,few rounds of ammo and pack of drones wont keep saving me forever.

Well this one was over 2 months old :confused:

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