How CCP can make this game Great Again

Now just be aware that the ISDs don’t like me because I’m a bitter vet and they lock ANYTHING I write (as they watch subscription numbers plummet), but this game could’ve been great.

Have you ever wondered what life in Eve would be like if you owned your own apartment in one of those wonderful space stations in the Eve Universe?

There’s thousands of apartments in every station in Eve, judging from the many thousands of window lights in every station, yet all we do in Eve is try to scam, kill, or grief other players.

CCP should take a leaf out of Hello Games’ book, make Eve interesting again, give us “Space Legs” !

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No, I have not.


So in other words, add option for Avatar Gameplay. Would be nice to have some sort of FPS game content in Eve.

CCP might revisit that option in the future, hopefully.

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Sims in space, great :roll_eyes:

I hope CCP have learned their lesson the hard way over the years that trying to make EvE something that is not a game about spaceships will most likely backfire.

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I think we’re way past apartments.

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Oh yeah, this game is doing better now than it’s ever been. Obviously CCP listening to people like you has done wonders for the player log-in numbers.


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Are you saying that CCP learning from the effects of their changes is a bad thing?

Anybody can see I didn’t say that so stop falsely implying that I did.

This comment, even though CCP decided to stop the Blackout. Tsk tsk.
I’d say that they’re learning from the changes they’re trying out, but all you’re doing it just ragging on them for even trying out the changes in the first place.

My original statement had nothing to do with the Blackout so once again, stop implying it meant something more than what was actually written.

Then if you would so kindly explain what your original statement “had to do with”, that’d be great. Or else it’s just more nonsense from you. :slight_smile:

The only nonsense here is what you’re posting.

Not gonna debate something with you that doesn’t even pertain to this thread topic.

He’s a typical troll, looks for the littlest thing to nitpick and then tries to portray it way out of context.

And it looks like he flagged your reply.


Which makes me think he’s legitimately stupid. He doesn’t realize that people go straight for the grayed out posts to see why the forum snowflakes reported them.

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Also ISD has the last say in the matter and will remove the flag if needed.

Since it seems like you two are only interested in dodging the issue when called out, I’m glad to know that your inputs are of little (if any) worth. CCP has been pretty great and responsive to the feedback of players, and they know where to cut their losses when they see it.

To suggest that CCP implement anything into EVE Online specifically that’s beyond what EVE is (for example, asking for failed and discontinued projects again, such as Walking in Stations, or suggesting something incredibly silly, like

and the like) only serves to strain the development of EVE Online, and would make the game worse overall.

Especially when these comments come from kids who don’t understand the limitations of the game engine that EVE Online is built upon, but still ask for things like “FPS game content” as if it would be a worthwhile investment in 2019.

I’m not dodging. You are. I asked if you pretend to be stupid or if you are legitimately stupid. You are doing everything but answering that question.

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Dude, you read way more into what’s actually written. Nowhere did I ask for it to be added, I simply said it would be nice to have it in the game.

Like I said earlier, all you do is constantly nitpick, always looking to portray what was actually written out of context. Your constant attempt to prove your epeen in every posted reply reeks of a pubescence teenager. You should really go back to school since you definitely fail at reading comprehension.

This ain’t ISD locking your thread for rulebreaking.

Don’t discuss moderation, and don’t troll.

Read the rules before you post again.

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