Player Housing alternative

OK, WIS is dead. Captain’s Quarters is gone. So we basically live in our ships out in space.

So how is this for a player housing idea…

An instance of space that a player can own.

Choice of background starfield and nebula. Maybe even choice of moons, asteroids (non-mineable), wormholes (connecting to separate sections of your space for very large areas) or acceleration gates and other planetary bodied. Decorate it with the corpses of your pod kills.

Size of said space can vary from very small to very large and can be purchased via Eve Store or traded on the market. Backgrounds and other visuals can be purchased as well.

Add to it: TEST DUMMIES!!

Renewable drones, ships and other goodies you can shoot at (and maybe get them to shoot back at you) added to your space. This would add to the lack of practice combat (without the loss of a ship) available in the game.

So basically your own little corner of instanced space where you can decorate as you wish and practice your skills.

This sounds like a win/win to me. A money maker for CCP and more sandbox for the players.


Yes, but only if CCP removes monthly subscription. Paying subscription and for things like these is out of the question. Only stupid people would pay for that in addition to the subscription.

I am that stupid one, I’ll pay billions of ISK for something like this.

GREAT IDEA !!! :star_struck:


People with disposable incomes would pay. Instanced “housing” is standard practice in other MMOs with subscriptions. I dont see why it would have to be different in EVE.



It is CQ with different art, still pointless. If they are going to layout new space it should be added to the general game.

Instanced is bad for EVE in all cases.


We already have player housing. They’re called citadels. If you want a safe space to learn how to play the game, fire up the test server…


If you dont like it, then dont use it. No need to kill the joy for others who may enjoy it.


Anything in any game is “pointless.”


Killing others Joy is what about a tenth of the playerbase is here for.

They are amazingly effective at it.


1/10? LOL. More like 9/10…


The problem with instanced space is it discourages player interaction, and players are the content in Eve - unless we can cooperate and/or compete with each other there wouldn’t be much to do in New Eden.


So we should pay monthly subscription to be CONTENT in the game ???

■■■■■■■ NO THX !!!


That’s too bad, bye :frowning:

Stuff?? Can I have your stuff? :rofl:

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It’s strictly aesthetic. You cant really make any progress in instanced space housing. No trade, no nothing. Im sure CCP can code it to cut off all market/contract/chat access as well.


The vast majority of activity in EVE is PvE. Some is of course PvP bunnies gunning for the ISK to keep their PvP going.

Pulling numbers straight out of my rear based on personal long term experience of the game:

If you then scraped out all the bots and afk alts, you are generously left with maybe a 3rd of the playerbase. I know of almost no long term players other than myself and handful of friends that don’t have at least 2 alts ruining the very underpinnings of the game.

Of that remaining third, maybe 1 in 4 is hard core PvP, and possibly 1 in 4 of those are truly dedicated to being absolute dicks.

The vocal minority on the boards isn’t really representative to what goes on in game.


So, 90% of the general population in first world countries?


The whole idea here is that you cannot avoid conflict. Go play Habbo Hotel or something if you want a little room to decorate and impress your friends with.

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Yeah the point of eve is that we are eachothers content. It’s the whole point of the single shard and no instances.

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Not avoid conflict? How is this any different from sitting in station spinning your ship?

Want to do away with ship skins as well, after all what good are they than to “decorate and impress your friends?”

You hardcore players have no imagination.


Again, how is this any different from sitting in station?