Arguments for housing in Eve Online

You can already build a whole city in the heavens.

What more do you want?


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I’ve never understood this desire for “housing” in any game.

Avatar gameplay is dead. CCP has made this clear time and time again. What are you going to do, fly a ship around your “house”? Just spin in a station, that’s as much housing as you’re going to ever get in a CCP game.

Well CCP is slowly working on small upwell structures so they MIGHT exist but they’ll have the same restrictions as every other item.

I wouldn’t mind having access to the various “Tactical Outposts” we see in mission spaces. They could be like a baby Citadel. No fittings, no Tether, but the ability to dock and perform basic services inside. Limit it to a single ship docked or something, that way you can’t store an entire fleet in there… I don’t know, just brainstorming. =)

It’s basically like this:


To build a home within a home or a favorite place, at Grandma’s, or within the game you love.

It’s what drives games such as Minecraft, but even Fallout 4 has it where one can build homes for settlers, store weapons, dress up NPCs, and so on.

I’m against it when it comes to EVE. We all know how this is going to end. @Nisanthro got it quite right.

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Housing ? For what? To be afk on ‘station’ ? Nobody needs something like housing cause it dosnt have a quality of live imorovement. Its just sit in station while chatting or speaking on coms. If you want to build a home then play sims

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