Playet housingsuggestion

Hi all . Myself included I would like a pilot housing system that is a offshoot if the captain quarters but bought at your faction hq which gives not only the chance to walk around your room but you can also make it it’s own structure


So you want a feature that lets you walk around in a little circle?

just say NO !!

don give ccp ideas. they will want to sell little eve lampstands for 1500 plex for your little space cabin and all kinds of stupid stuff. we have enough pay per fluff already with skins and Barbie clothes. :cry:

But still no Chloe clothes.

– Gadget sighs


Say @pris_Naari …isn’t your avatar wearing specialty armour? Does that count as “barbie clothes”?

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The Captains Quarters had a lot of potential to be something more than just a room for taking great character screenshots. Unfortunately over the years since Incarna CCP have lost their nerve and the will to be innovators in the MMORPG market.


If only they’d installed a live link to PornHub in the Captain’s Quarters…

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–Gadget Remembers

Wish we could play poker in stations bidding ISK. :frowning:


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Captains quarters served no purpose and just slowed down the game. Good riddance if you ask me. I do think its time we had looking outside for empire stations, now that would be a useful addition to the game.


Just exactly how did Captains Quarters slow down the game?

Removing captains quarters from the game reduces your undocking time by 50% Instead of one loading screen to get back to your ship or the long walk up the ramp, and then another to undock we just have one screen now straight to undock. Speed is everything in this cut throat universe.


–Helpful Gadget

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Entering Captains Quarters was optional.

When in a big rush to quickly dock and undock, you’d just have the Docking Bay loaded, not the Captains Quarters. Also didn’t have to do the long walk down the ramp, the option to undock was always available in the station info window above station services.

So once again, just exactly how did the Captains Quarters slow down the game?

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Wouldn’t mind that, I could see my space shoes again.

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hmm…yes, well ccp certainly made sure of that.
Much potential wasted there.

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Walking in stations was meant (promised by CCP) to be much more than just CQ, but of course in the end none of that was implemented so no wonder according to their statistics nobody used it, which was their justification to retire it among others like it used an outdated third-party backend or such.

Why would anyone do so for extended periods when it served no actual purpose? :thinking:

The thing is it I’m sure it would be a popular thing if the promised features were implemented.


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