I'm old enough to Rook'n'Roll

I went lookin’ for a fight, now my Rook’s dead,
Tried to light 'em up, got lit instead.
But my Rook held the line,
May it rest in piece,
There must have surprise,
When the quick-gank took some elbow-grease.
My Rook may be gone, but I’ll only lol,
There will most definitely be another Heavy Rook’n’Roll


I know there are several threads about avatars and walking in stations, but I don’t care. I’m making my own thread anyway.

I don’t know why CCP removed the feature. I’m not griping too much about that because it was a fairly useless feature. Who knows, it may have been causing problems some place else and it was simply easier to remove the feature altogether. Or maybe it wasn’t being used by the player-base enough to keep maintaining and developing it.

Look, this game seriously needs some common social spaces, and we need both old and new functionality in these spaces. However, I recommend that you do not move any current functionality/access into social spaces exclusively.

If people have to load an interior space to access their blueprints, for example, that’d just piss them off. People in general tend to resist change, and if they wake up one day and suddenly it takes five extra minutes to do something, that ain’t going to make them receptive to the new content.

A large part of what makes a game is immersion. If a player is nothing more than a ship, it becomes harder to psychologically identify with their character. If it was up to me, we’d have the captains quarters, hangar bays, engineering bays, flight decks and dive bars to hang out in.

It’s an undertaking, but it would open the door for new content. I could rattle off ideas for functionality all day long, but I think I speak for everyone in EVE when I say: bar fights.

Oh, and I guess customizable housing. Let us put trophies in there, hang crap on the wall. Let players build it and sell it in station stores. Not in the standard marketplace. The market is where you go to buy 5000 cubic meters of nano-paste, not a sweet rug that really ties the room together.

But mostly we need bar fights.


Yes, bar fights and dancing girls.





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Might as well have corp-owned and operated bars while we’re at it. And a new Eve side profession-- bar bouncer. Are you man or woman enough for the job?


This is why it was removed. Basically only a small chunk of the player base was using it, it was taking up too much development time and if they wanted to expand on it, they would have had to remove it and start over. It came down to being a waste of time.

I’d rather see communities spring up in player-owned and moderated chat channels. The RP Channels that take place in bars are a great example, even if there’s hardly ever anyone in them.

You need strippers or there won’t be much to fight over.

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