[Visual] Giving the Character Selection Screen an Animated Background

Hi again guys,

I’m sure many of you remember the legacy login screens, which used animated scenes as their backgrounds and were accompanied by the release theme of the season - personally, I’ll feel instantly nostalgic when watching the Retribution menu, it having been the current release when I started playing EVE.

With the new launcher we lost that bit of impact upon logging in for the first (or second, third, so on) time, instead greeted by the character selection screen. The choice to make the screen so static has always brought me down a little, as now there’s no reason whatsoever to just sit and take anything in upon starting EVE.

I’ve put together this simulation of what the selection screen could look like, should CCP decide to possibly do something like this in the future (Footage was taken myself from the Nexus room of a Drifter Hive complex). Having even a simple scene set up as a background would be, as far as I know, far easier than creating a polished, high-quality piece of keynote-level art like we’ve currently been seeing once or twice a year - and it would be far more eye-catching.

I’ve got some strong feelings of nostalgia for a first step into EVE that really impressed me, so I’d be overjoyed if we had something like this return to the game.




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This needs to happen, CCP! +1

+1 That sounds really nice.

yeah totally need this in my life +1

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