I wonder

I been thinking a bit about always reading how much old vets hate how eve become like it´s to easy and what not. Maybe CCP should do like Ragnarok online done and open a pre-renewal server, Like open a second server that is pre-2007 or heck why not make it so that server is just how the game was in 2003 even graphics. So that every one complaining can move over there and play for them self maybe they will quit being so damn bitchy then, when they can play how the used to back in 2003. Would still be cool to also see the old eve again.

Before you get pissy and angry this is just a poke at all grumpy vets remember it´s a joke not a dick so don´t take it so hard.


No thanks.
Not interested.

–Gadget has read this thread before


I’ll tell you a secret.

The bitter vets are bitter on principle. It doesn’t matter what CCP does to try and cater to their whining, they’ll still threaten to quit on a weekly basis.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:



I just think that only a handfull of players would play EVE from 2003, Look at the amount of people who were in EVE back in 2003, really few. If you would compare it, it would be really a wasteland. Maybe they just liked how it felt back then when they started, but most people were in game in the years after Incarna.

Yeah totaly true but maybe more like 2007 before all that bad stuff people complain about happen.

That is highly local so your proboly right on spot on that

Hmm wonder why pissy got changed to pussy O.o.

You dont like pussy?

hehe ofc I do did mean pissy so I changed it to correct word I meant.

It’s a really unoriginal joke (hundreds of the same thread), but then again it isn’t really a joke. It’s a poorly disguised whine thread about people who want EvE to be better than it is.

Maybe if they could get it running as a test server? Might be fun to go back and revisit some old things. But as far as eve goes having the single server is what makes it for me. Splitting the players seems like a decent way to either kill both servers, or have one as a ghost town.

indeed. there was plenty of stuff to complain about in Eve’s earlier days too.

Sure there is allot of changed eve could do for the better but being grumpy on the forum all day won´t change a damn thing to be honest. Sure people have right to complain just like im doing but some time there can be way to much complaining which make you look more like a bratty kid that screams every time they can´t get candy when ever they want.

That is an idea or like a test server you visit to see the past of eve.

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This is literally why things are the way they are. CCP listening to entitled brats who have no idea how the game works on a deeper level than their own, combined with insane repair solutions that do nothing but remove content that used to drive the game. These are real concerns that you’ll have to dance pretty hard around if you want to make out like EvE’s direction in recent years has been a good one. I love EvE. There’s a huge difference between bittervets and older players who remember when EvE actually was better designed.


Well I have to agree on that but honestly non of us have a clue how the game works sure we have wishes on how it should be then it´s up to ccp what to do or not, I mean it is their IP so we have no right to anything we can come with suggestion then it´s up to ccp to listen or not sadly.

I wouldnt say its bad, its different. Whole time I played it, it was enough too keep me in the game and even when I dont agree with every design decision. Works for me as whole thing. :ok_hand:

But I know also people for whom it never worked, just a matter of preferences I think. Nothing really more clever to say from me. :woman_shrugging:


Yep there’s parts of Eve I like and parts that I don’t, and most of the parts I don’t like other people do like, and many don’t like the parts I like. It’s just nice to have sand in the sandbox. Probably one of my biggest complaints from years ago was ships didn’t get balanced often enough.

I mean many of those parts that people don’t like haven’t changed. Either people lose direction and feel like they have nothing new to do, or don’t like the pvp side and hate that they can get ganked.

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Some do. Just not the demographics CCP tends to listen to :blush:

Let me see if I remember '07 correctly.

If you didnt update your clone and died you lost ALL progression on that clone since the update.

Battleships were the biggest mining vessels out there.
Factions didnt have logi ships yet… they were pretty much mining frigates.
The meta was a joke…

true but I never ask for anything all I do is play the game and hope people leave me alone long enough for me to get something done.

A second server, completely removed from Tranquility. Same Eve, just a clean slate. See how it develops over 6 months compared to Tranq. A whole new race for space.

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