Playing EVE since 2003

So Im 2003 too whats your point? A month after game went live.

You whine and bitch and complain. Adapt or GTFO. IF you KNOW so much about what CCP is doing you should be using it to your advantage instead of whinging on the forums like a nublet.


Learn to write in English before posting here.

I played since 2003 too. The hardest nerf was when EVE online updater removed BOOT.INI , but Microsoft didn’t whine about it and changed their OS to be more resillient.
I became a better, more resillient person. And even now I learn as corp mates have helped me fight me low-effort posting on this and other forums.

Thank you CCP for making a game with an awesome community that makes most people become a better person. Most.


Agree with OP, I started in 2010, I had such hopes for this game, we were promised the world, the Universe, which today would make Star Citizen devs jealous, instead we get … Red Dots!! SMH
What should’ve been by now;


In 17 years you never learned to adapt?

Maybe you do not belong here after all, i have to say after 16 years and 295m SP i am still having fun in new eden (red dot not included)

PS… Paragraphs would have made it an easier read…


Correct. He didn’t.

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Yeah, I agree with you 100%. I’ve been playing since 2008 and a lot of my ship fits have had to be redone due to CCP nerfing them. In fact most of the time it seems all CCP can do is just nerf.

Anyway, there’s about a dozen main trolls here in the forums who constantly spout sh*t, I suggest you flag their replies and don’t waste any more of your time replying to them. You’ve already met a few, view their posting history and you’ll see that’s all they do.


I still have the kettle on the stove for when you’re over for the visit you promised me.


Piss off asshole, I never promised anything. In fact, you challenged me so it’s on you to travel. Obviously you can’t read plain text so maybe you’ll understand this:


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Your post is the only one that makes sense in this whole mess. Yes, it comes down to power creep. If you’re into flying tech 1 hulls, you know how the power curve goes. IMHO, the game would be better off if they stopped creating new overpowered ships and stuck with rebalancing the ones we already have.

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Everyone loves to use noobs as an argument for their personal agenda but never where it counts.

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Exactly, that is how I see Eve/CCP now, as a cash grabbing spit in your face type of scumbag company. 15 years of getting focked by 20 isk frigate gate campers, FU CCP!

I was lucky enough to run Vista (…) back then and have installed the game on the D drive. But as fckups go it’s hard to top that one.

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inb4lock \o/

Inb4lock :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Maybe you are just an idiot moron?

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and what do you want to tell us with your wisdom? ADS?

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you got a real hard-on for that word.


My first days in eve, Autopilot would route you through lowsec by default. I went through rancer, and lost my ship and cargo.

This is the reason i continued playing eve. Because i wanted to do that, some day.

And, as someone who’s never owned a titan or supercarrier, and only ever been on the recieving end of them, i loved it when i saw Titans doomsdaying giant subcapital fleets.

I wanted to do that some day.

But every time i am just about to get one of these things that i worked hard for, CCP nerfs it and takes it away.

I will never enjoy these things that made me play eve in the first place, because they’re simply not in the game anymore.

Eve has been the biggest Bait-and-Switch i’ve ever sunk time into.