I hope you didn't want to experience the new content any time in this 10-hour block

Turns out, there are loads of time blocks where you can’t do the new abyssal PvP, because the number of people running it is failing to hit critical mass.

Considering this is the first weekend the content is available, the problem is only going to get worse over time, especially because there is an explicit disincentive to run T3s to try and get into the PvP arena if you know via Zkill that people are not currently getting in.

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Exactly. I wasted my evenings all weekend trying to get in the new PVP arena. This needs to be fixed. There is no reason why the PVP gate shouldn’t spawn every time. If carebears start farming it, that just means more targets.

What’s happening

How does it work with the new PVP gate? Do you have to take the PvP gate to finish? If you do I could see the number of people running the sites to drop.


As far as I am aware, a different gate spawns where you take that gate and are sent to the pop instance. Otherwise, you can take the normal gate back to known space.

An updated zkill pic.

MORE PEOPLE USED THE CAPTAINS QUARTERS THAN THIS INSTANCED PVP TRASH and ccp decided to remove CQ because of “underuse” just like resource wars and those Pirate Sotoyo tower thing garbage.

Get ready to kiss this new Warcraft trash goodbye

Gee I’m shocked a PvP Queue made up of PvE, in a sandbox game, is not popping :rofl:


Good. Instance pvp should die in :fire:.

It’s thanksgiving time here in the states. we should give thanks that this is failing.

you cant pvp in absymal space bc its random trolol

Its not godawful broken - its a feature…

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