Devblog: Abyssal Onslaught - New Content Coming To The Abyss!


(Arrendis) #21

We’ll do the same thing we do with our current rorq and supercapital pilots who die to bombers.

Point and laugh, and tell our guys to stop being terrible and stupid.

And we’ll keep using them against our enemies.

(Sethyrh Nakrar) #22

Yeah. Because not using this tool would be stupid.

(Veryez) #23

The blog is a bit confusing. So If I find a “Triglavian Proving Conduit” in my site, is it a separate gate or is it simply the next gate? What happens to the 20 minute timer if I enter it? Is it random so it can be in the first pocket, second or third? For example can I finish the first two areas, jump to the third and only have a “proving conduit” as my exit from that area? Really wish more info was provided here.

(Dirty Camper) #24

So is the Pve Site and the Pvp the same ? Or different sites , so people want to do pvp can do but people don’t need to? Or will it force people into pvp fits ?

(Ima Wreckyou) #25

Did you just try to copy the hell gates from Albion CCP?

(dewk) #26

Surprise you couldn’t break the turret lock.

AB/MWD out of optimal turret range.NO FALLOFF range capacity.
Use weapon disruptor to reduce turret range.
Use target disruptor to reduce targeting range.
Use ECM burst to break target lock.
Use EWAR module or drone to kill CAP.
And theres possibly more i’ve not thought of.

This like those saying theres no counter to ECM, there are just need to think about how they work.

(Pegs Thiesant) #27

Oh well another reason to not do these sites with a mediocre at best countryside internet connection :slight_smile:

(Maekchu) #28

So do the PvP arena’s pop up as something that can be warped to in the overview? Or do they need to be combat scanned first?

(Kadesh Priestess) #29

@CCP_Rise few questions regarding pvp pockets:

  1. Will 20 min timer keep ticking in pvp room? If not, does it have separate timer?
  2. Which weather does it have? Is it random, same as your weather type or none? If there’s a weather, how strong can it be (30/50/70 - variable or static)?
  3. Will every abyssal site have this pvp pocket?

I have no idea how to contact you otherwise, so would be nice to have answers to these questions!

(Salt Foambreaker) #30

I’m going to say this has serious flaws.

Let’s say my 20 minutes and kill fest ends 5 minutes before yours, do I just waltz in and take the loot.

If the Abyssal Traces don’t start at the same time how can this work?

(Tipa Riot) #31

You get a new timer for the Proving ground pocket (30min).

But I can’t see how this shall work. Does this mean if nobody else shows up in this 30min, the loot is mine? And what if an opponent shows up 1min before the timer is up? What happens when the likely draw happens? Both die?

Main question, which weather’s fit will dominate all other?

(Vollhov Jr) #32

The whole interest of the mystery of the Abyssal, disappears when the players have access to their technology.
Unfortunately, giving the players ships from the Triglavian is a blunder.

(Dirk Kajhone) #33

“At CCP, we wasted a lot of time and programming budget adding content that virtually nobody played. Now that we have new, more granular data mining capabilities, to actually show that virtually nobody plays it, we decided the best solution would be to double down on it with additional wasted programming, so that virtually nobody can enjoy it even more!”

(Salt Foambreaker) #34

That depends a lot on:

  1. Whether you have to clear the PvE content or you can just warp to the PvP area.
  2. Whether the PvP area has weather effects, which would be really dumb.

If you can just warp to the PvP area and it doesn’t have weather then the best fit is going to be the PvP fit.

Forget the loot in the first room, the people you kill will have similar.

(Tipa Riot) #35

You have to clear your site first (obviously you do only T3 in this case, minimum req. for PvP room), then you have the chance for the “bonus room” with always T5 loot. Weather is unknown (not mentioned in the blog).

Not sure if boundary violations are a thing, so you probably don’t need a scram/point. Just need to be faster than your opponent.

(Fluffy Moe) #36

I stocked up on all damage mods. I will be losing a lot to those mutaplasmids. The thing I am looking forward to the most is though…

4x Mutated T2 Entropic Radiation Sinks with a Mutated T2 Entropic Disintegrator on a Leshak. Gimme !!!

I wonder how high can we get that spooled up DPS using Occult.

(Salt Foambreaker) #37

That’s a shame, in the end one trace types fit will dominate all others and the exercise will be pointless and that is if there is no weather.

If there is weather then the fit that matches the weather wins.

Plus you just know the L1s and L5s will lead to the same room.

On an aside, this room should be made so that only the winner leaves and there is no warping out once you go in. Otherwise people will go in, see if anyone is there, warp out if there is or farm the loot if there is not.

(Iowa Banshee) #38

And yet with all these working for ECM they still nerf-batted it out of the park

  • Because “feelings”

(fisho) #39

Will materials only be available in the new mining caches? Or are these new caches additional materials?

(Salt Foambreaker) #40

Look at the hacks we have seen, good intentions, bad execution.

  1. The lol fix for the hauler scam, make it so no one has to dock to unload. That is a total hack.
  2. Post a blog saying there is no counter to ECM, when in fact there are 4 skills and a whole slew of items. Then rather than just fix the items to make the counter stronger, they randomly allow the ECM target to target the ECM attacker which like unload without docking makes no senses whatsoever from a game immersion standpoint. Another hack.
  3. They find they need to protect new players from wardecs, so they randomly decide that only corps with structures can be targeted. Out of the many decent suggestions players made, that is just a hack. Incoming, all structures will be owned by one man corps. War decs will end, talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water. Another hack.

I don’t they give a ■■■■ to be honest.