Final exam for newbees - PvP arena with equally bad ships

I heard, that most of developers resources CCP recently gives into new player experience. I think, that the sooner the job will be done, the sooner we get our game real issues fixed…

So, what do you think about regular battles for new characters, that just finished ‘advanced military’ training? CCP provides prefitted ships, player base provides experienced FC, newbee get once in their life time proper battle, that will give them correct feeling about PVP.

No loot, little ISK, no killboard records. Ships are given for free and taken after you leave the arena. Every newbee can go into arena only once. Proved FC will get bonuses from CCP.

Rewards, amount of ships (should newbee respawn? how many times?) , fittings etc - that all can be figured out here, in that very thread. Since newbee will lose no ISK and his killboard will not be harmed as well, I see no reason, why they would not participate…

Why does CCP have to provide the ship, and why an arena. This is a player driven game in a sandbox. There are already a bunch of people helping newbies in various ways, if you think it’s a good idea then set it up.

Whole thing would cost less than 1-2 hours of grinding.


CCP used to hold Alliance tournaments. They were completely disconnected from EVE. CCP created an artificial arena in a system nobody could get to. There was absolutely no ganking or other non-consensual PVP of any kind. They were hugely popular. We, the players, cannot really reproduce this for ourselves. Red vs Blue is about as close as we can get.

People often make suggestions like yours. I think there is a real hunger for some kind of “fair” PVP in Eve, but I don’t think that is the direction EVE will ever go.

Your post isn’t about the Alliance Tournament, but it would require a similar amount of CCP effort.

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This^ - look at the first reply

You start in some isolated pocket of space. You start in t1 frigate of choice fitted only with MWD. On grid crates with random equipment spawn. On grid ther are some depos where players can fit newly found or looted eq. Further into battle, better eq spawns, maybe even new hulls. You fight with what you find. Last man standing takes what he got.

But it won’t.

It will give them the feeling of an arranged 1v1 with free stuff.

But when they enter the sandbox their ships are no longer free and fights are not guaranteed to be 1v1. So what have they learned other than that the pvp they were prepared for was BS?


This is just the ultimate irony. :rofl: What is eve if not a persistent battle royale?

Everyone starts as a noob in a frig but there are resources scattered around the arena which players can use to make their own equipment and battle other players. Players are free to make their own alliances, steal from and scam eachother and even betray their own friends. The winners get to keep whatever they can loot.

You guys are funny.


If by funny, you mean “completely disconnected from how things work”, or “unable to actually properly, and in detail, imagine and think through the things they write down”, then …

… yeah, man, they’re funny! Hilarious, actually!



You know what would be great? A pvp arena where players have to find or make stuff to fight eachother.

Yeah that’s eve. You’ve just described eve…

Right down to the:

A progression system where you unlock the ability to build and use more powerful ships. How revolutionary.

Maybe we could come up with some sp system where players can choose and specialise their progression. That way the builders can specialise in building stuff for their friends and the combat players can specialise in aggression and defence.

The resources for more powerful equipment can be located in more dangerous areas…people who don’t want to risk it don’t have to. But those who dare to go there get better stuff.

You’re blowing my mind. /S

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I was refering to the idea from said reddit post as a potential feature for players to have something to do in between dat bloodpumping, action packed mining, mindblowingly engaging traveling from A to B or dat sweet sweet waiting for skill to train. This could be some seasonal thing or something, game mode , event ?

And thus taking them out of the sandbox.

If it was hard to find targets before, just wait till a bunch of your targets have left the sandbox for these instances. And then what do you do? Stay in the sandbox with fewer targets or join the instance?

And then what do the people hunting you do? Stay in the sandbox or join the instance?

And so on and so on…


Just create a newbie fight club with an SRP, no need for all this convoluted bollocks.

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The section is for new feature ideas.

So who is getting paid for this? Or are you expecting people to stay up 24/7 on the off chance that someone may log in for the first time and want to go through all this?

And who is an “experienced FC”? By what standards?

No, go away.



Goon spy confirmed! :honeybee:

Newbies get free ships as reward for tutorial missions. And those ships stay in game, affecting game economy. What I suggest is fitted ships, that will be given and taken if survived. So - no impact on the economy. No loot, but some special rewards, like medals, skill books etc…

I wrote about FC, fleets, not 1 vs… Let say saturday evening (3 times cause of timezones) is a regular exam time. You can participate, if you are new. But only once in your life time. FC can and will participate as often as they can / game need. CCP will need to find out proper rewards for FC to encourage experienced players to be FC for newbies. CCP will also need to find out the proper way how to select proper FC from all volunteers. Something like CSM can work IMHO, cause player base knows respectable and experienced players, so players can help CCP here instead of just criticize the game.

Whose lifetime?
You as the player? The account? The character?
How would you tell? How would you enforce it?

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The best way to learn to fight in groups is Redemption Road they do player low to null runs for everyone and will sometimes give new players free ships (this is already in the game) they take off from Berta at 4:00 est on Sundays.

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