3rd Party for Trade

I am providing a trustworthy, 3rd party service to hold isk / items throughout the duration of a trade. I have no allegiances, I cannot be bought and simply look to ensure that each party receives the agreed conclusion to any form of trade no matter the size.

I offer

  • item / isk holding
  • mainly operating out of Jita, Amarr and Amamake yet willing to negotiate alternative regions
  • 1% total fee, can be split between the two parties or negotiated separately
  • to help fairly with any negotiations if requested
  • to inform the other party should one attempt to bribe, not uphold their side of the bargain or act dishonestly
  • return of all items / isk should a deal fall through

I ask

  • both sides to honour agreements being made
  • for a kindly written review / recommendation to friends following successful trades

No trade is too big or too small, simply get in contact in game or through discord @ Exht and we can discuss further.


Back to the top! Get in touch for a professional bean counter to keep track of your beans!

Bump! Happily looking to be of assistance :slight_smile:

Counting beans, isk, ships, stations and more for the citizens of new Eden wherever and whenever needed!

Bumping back to the top!

bumping away to get you the best deal

Still happy to count your beans and negotiate on your behalf :slight_smile:

Why trust you?
I never heard of you ever.Years ago when I wanted to legitimise the sale of a T2 BPO I contacted Chribba because he was well known and reliable for many years. What have you done to prove your honesty?

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