CCP corpse (sold)

Selling my ccp manifest corpse. Saw one sell on here recently and have no need to keep mine

Offers upwards of 2b please

Chribba is waiting

2.5bn isk ready, chribba should have no problem confirming in thread should this be legit. ISK won’t transfer hands until then.


Contracting to Chribba when I get home, will ask him to confirm in this thread then.


Waiting on chribba

No response from Chribba

Postponing sale

Still interested, by any chance would you be willing to use ENORN as 3rd party?

Sorry, I have been away from game.

If you are still interested, yeah thats fine.

Would 3bil be fine?

Yeah sure

I’m available to trade in Jita, or you can speak to ENORN about third party

Sorry, I’m quite busy ATM. Please contact, or be contact by KyKyCiK to do that on my behalf.


Thanks for a simple transaction


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