WTS CCP AURORA's frozen corpse

1 bill isk, no questions asked about your intentions.
If needed 3rd trusted party can be used

ps. contact here or PIRJANIN in game

2 mil

tree fitty

4 mil.

5 mil


Just FYI if you direct trade in station the buyer can check the name of the corpse in opposition with contract trade, though have to be online at the same time in the same station for this to be possible but this way no need for third party.

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will do 100 isk above anyone elses offer, unless it goes to high…

250m to kick it off. I would want a trusted 3rd party involved

noted, but the price is set) 3rd party is not a problem

up up up

up up up

I also aquired a corpse of CCP Aurora. Did you ever sell yours and if yes for what price?


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