WTS dev Corpses

Time to sell my collection

Bidding starts at:

CCP Alpha’s Frozen Corpse 1b
Raivi’s Frozen Corpse 1b (ccp fozzie)
Suitonia’s Frozen Corpse 1b (ccp kestrel)
HitIer’s Frozen Corpse 1b


2b for each.

accepted, contract up

Fred has not accepted the contract yet due to lack of money (poor confirmed) offer is still available

Nah you scammed me that’s what happened. Oh well 8b gone, let this be a lesson for all, never accept contracts for corpses. Do station trade only.

all lies you never accepted contract offer is still available please dont post off topic

Here’s the receipt of your scam. My fault for accepting a contract, so I may be the fool but you are the liar.

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