[SOLD] 1252 Unique Frozen Corpses

(HellGate fr) #1

I am selling 1252 unique corpses, all gathered during my years of PvP experience. :skull:

The vast majority of them were hand made by me in lowsec, they are also well preserved !

The corpses are located in Jita.

Follow this pastebin link to check the names of the players, maybe you know some of them ?

Base price is 1m :thinking:

edit: 58 free duplicates contracted

(BIG BOS5) #2

I’m formally placing a bid of 1 million and 420 thousand

(Zanthar Eos) #3

I’ll do 1.5 mill per. I’ll also take your free ones

(HellGate fr) #4

Contract is up for your free duplicates Zanthar.

Do you mean you are bidding 1,878b ?

(Zanthar Eos) #5

Confirm bidding 1.878 billion isk

(Key Longstride) #6

Why can’t we get lingerie for our corpses

(Tvashnar Crendraven) #7

Why can’t we break them into small chunks to cool our drinks in the station watering hole ?

(Mikasa Sotken) #8

2 b isk

(Zanthar Eos) #9

2.1 bill

(Crazy Shrimp) #10

Nice corpses yes

(HellGate fr) #11

Zanthar you won this, congrats !

(Aeon Herzog) #12

Why can’t we get lingerie. “Hover” tights aren’t lingerie.