The Black & White Fund


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I’ll take 10 bil

Ok cool, send it when you’re ready.

Will use this post to update balances

Rihan Shazih 10 Billion

Will send it when I get home.

Is Thermal Damage an alt of yours? He tried to scam me during the sale of a CCP Manifest corpse, and shortly after the sale fell through, and Thermal Damage claimed it sold, you were trying to sell the same corpse.

Thermal Damage tried to sell another CCP corpse, this time significantly cheaper, but abandoned the thread after I called him out.

Your sale thread:-

This is a bit witch-hunty, but it was very suspicious to me. If you’re not Thermal Damage then I’m sure you can explain how you managed to get the corpse. Coupled with the rapid increase (3b → 50b) in uncollateralised ISK requested I’m more inclined to believe that your intentions are black rather than white here.

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I can see why that would look suspicious. The corpse was picked up during one of Manifest’s streams on CCP’s twitch channel. zKill is having to parse all its killmails again, so Manifest’s losses will show soon, although I can only guess which one it might be as it was a long time ago.

The person who bought it was Zloy Dragon, he posted in that thread. I guess you could contact him to see the transaction was real.

As for the amounts, I actually asked for 10bil uncollateralised, but only 3bil was filled. This small amount was to get my two toons set up across Jita and Amarr. Now they are set up I’m taking more ISK, capped at 50bil, I don’t expect it to be completely filled, but I put a maximum on it as 50bil is the most I’d be comfortable with.

Do we know who bought the corpse from @Thermal_Damage ?

It was @Zloy_Dragon from me, dont know who bought the other

I don’t see him posting in the thread of Thermal Damage. Did I understand you correctly that you did not get the corpse from Thermal Damage?

That is correct. I scooped the corpse during a CCP stream

EDIT- I should add that Matar was an old alt I had alongside Koda. I have played on her very infrequently between selling Koda and starting Alexi

How do you know that zloy bought the corpse from thermal?

Zloy bought my corpse. I have no idea who bought Thermal’s

CCP Manifest left CCP on 2017/11/15 (, while Alexi Black wasn’t created until 2018/01/09 so it must have been a long time ago.

Which character initially acquired it, how was it transferred to Alexi Black, and do you have any records of that or its sale?

You also seem to have failed all seven of the public courier contracts you’ve accepted. Cargo fishing isn’t exactly an honest living.

My alt, Matar scooped it. I barely ever use her, shes just a miner that I would log in every so often. Just went to get a screenshot of the trade but apparently its only showing the last month, am I missing a setting somewhere?

And yeah I have picked a few no collateral courier contracts

I’d like to do wallet/contract checks through esi. You would generate a token with that i can read your contracts/wallet through Are you ok with that @Alexi_Black?

tbh if people post 0 collateral courier jobs, they are just handing out donations

no judgement either way on the integrity of the OP (and tbh me vouching, if i did it, would probably hurt them), but accepting donations is not a sign of dishonesty.

Yes that will be fine, I just ask for some confidentiality between us. Will sort it out for you later.

I’ll send you a mail with a how to.

Anyone else feel like rihan shazih is her alt? Hes filled both requests now, without question, and only after people raised concerns, is he now asking for evidence for her authenticity.

This is getting interesting :smiley:
If you trust me: I’m not her alt
If you don’t trust me: :man_shrugging:

Btw… I sent the info to Alexi and have not received a refresh token for her or her alt yet.