WTS CCP Guard corpse

(Thermal Damage) #1

Selling a Guard corpse

Its in dodixie and can be traded, contracted, or passed through a 3rd party

Guide price 1bil

The Black & White Fund
(Elizabeth Norn) #2

I’d like Guard too, but I’ve yet to hear from you or Chribba regarding our CCP Manifest transaction. How’s that going? I noticed you haven’t taken down the contract that you issued to me either.

(CistaCista) #3

It’s Schrödinger’s Corpse.

(Thermal Damage) #4

Thats because I have actually sold the Manifest corpse.

You tried to get me to contract it to you FOR FREE, so what you have there is some random corpse as I can’t abide scammers.

(Zahara Cody) #5

Scammer calling others scammers?

(Admiral Mason) #6

Dumbest thing I’ll read today.

(Thermal Damage) #7

Oh I see plenty of dumb things in this business, you know nothing.

(Thermal Damage) #8

Abandoning thread, any prospective buyers can reach me ingame on this toon

Thanks for all your bumps

(Elizabeth Norn) #9

I said I was fine with Chribba, but would’ve preferred not having to wait for him since it was near Christmas and having been trusted with more than a hundred times the sale price of the corpse there’s little reason to believe I’d have stolen this. What you’re saying is that you you tried to scam me with someone else’s corpse and I guess you also lied about contacting Chribba. It’s a good thing I didn’t trust you.

(Francis Raven) #10

Not to stir the pot, but I’ve personally worked with Elizabeth Norn with no issues in the past and did not have any issues.

(Tiddle Jr) #11


(Francis Raven) #12

A1 reply there, hah.

(silver20) #13

Will offer 1b. Op must be willing to use ENORN as trusted 3rd party.

(Nikolai Mazinkov) #14

1.1 Bill, 3rd party…also awkward, bc i prob made this corpse…https://zkillboard.com/kill/66714077/

(system) #15

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