WTS CCP Corpse

Selling each of them at 2.5b

Selling the entire stack: 9b


Bid retracted. Someone evemailed me with the corpse I wanted

whot’s the point of telling me that ?

I offer 1B for CCP Bee. Knowing him, there will be many more of these available in the future.

If you agree contract to me.

too low, he is both ccp and a streamer


O_O interesting


Mail sent :wink:

Buyer beware: this guy will pretend to give you a CCP corpse but will actually contract you a different one!

Source: I scammed him in exactly this way and he’s now trying to pawn the worthless corpses off onto someone else :smile:

The only legit way to buy corpses is through direct trade. Else you get scammed as you stated

hi, so not only you scam me but you are also try to paint me as if was the scammer,

didn’t know you need attention even here on the forum

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yeah, i should have done that instead of focusing of contract

I am literaly back as if i never sell any ccp corpse


It could have been my corpse…

One dreadful night playing Eve Online back in 2007

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