SOLD - C5-C5 static with Fortizar

Hello everyone.
I am selling Fortizar in C5 wormhole with C5 static.

Current Fortizar fitting:

Buyout price: 17b ISK

Poke me here or in game if you interested.

What would the sales process be like so that you don’t get scammed?

As far as i know, scamming is prohibited on forums.
But, if you aware, we can hire 3rd party community trusted player like Chribba and do further process.

Process will be simple stupid: You transfer ISK, I guide you trough wormhole chain to target system and transfer citadel to your corporation.

im very well interested to buy this kind of property.
i might buy this one

So, then i reserve a Fortizar for you and waiting for incoming transfer to continue our trade.

I have been engaged to act as a third party for this transfer on the following terms:

  • Purchaser transfers me 17bn for the purchase.
  • The structure transfer is made
  • Purchaser confirms ownership of the structure.
  • I transfer 17bn to Seller
  • The seller agrees to come and help defend the structure should it be reinforced within 1 month
  • Trade is concluded.

The exchange has been made on the above terms, the trade has been completed.

Thank you for using my third party service.

Trade is completed. Thanks for Imiarr Timshae for guiding

Hy Remmy Bump,
Is there any chance we also can get
the Custom Office in that System?
Best regards

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