Pirate Standing and being shot

if you get positive standings with a NPC pirate faction will they shoot you? Standard belts or gate rats. i assume the special ones like diamond are just bad news period.

Yes, belt rats are unaffected by Faction standings


Game breakingly yes. Even if you are +10 to Sansha they will still shoot you.

This is not just limited to belts, if I enter someones mission and shoot the player, the +10 rats would still shoot me despite positive standings and the fact that I am helping them.

Only NPC police, trigs and EDENCOM respect standings.

Diamond rats also respect standings. With high enough standings, they provide logi support when attacked etc.


Your message is unclear, we already know they have logi support for themselves. Are you saying they give logi support to the player?

Yes, diamond rats reps players that have good standings towards them.

In addition to diamond rats, Triglavian and Edencom respect standings as well. (except for filaments)

No honor among thieves

If the pirate is standing after being shot, you might have to shoot them again.

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The +10 standings only open up the Permit Agent. You still have to buy one.

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