Make standings more strongly impact the way NPC ships/Rats treat you

I personally find the standing system cool, but very out of date, and not very immersive for RPers. Say if I have a very Guristas standing I will still be treated as if I have -10 (Though the mining fleet system is good in this regard) having it so that at a certain level rats are neutral to you untill you take hostile action against them might help with this.

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This is already being done with diamond rats. It’s just being rolled out in stages.


NPC standings with the empire factions used to matter more - high standings unlocked the ability to use jump clones and anchor player owned structures.

CCP seemed to go through a phase where all that mattered were player interactions - otherwise the sandbox was homogeneous. Now they’re trying to bring the world to life and, in that context, standings with NPCs should matter as much as standings with other player organizations. NPCs should aid their friends and hunt their enemies!

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Awesome, as a Guristas rper I’m looking forward to it

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